Saturday Sampler: May 29 — June 4

In a short but powerful post, Slimjim of The Domain for Truth compares Legalism as Prison and License to sin as false freedom. It’s a comparison worthy of notice.

Idolatry comes in many forms, most of which are subtle. Continuing her series on idols Christians struggle against, Cindy Matson writes Do You Crave Comfort? in Bible Study Nerd. Although her post is terribly convicting, she raises points that very much need to be raised. And she helps us find ways to enjoy God’s blessings without turning them into idols.

The Unloved Wife: Responding Biblically by Heather Coker addresses a problem that Christians might largely ignore. I applaud Servants of Grace for allowing her to bring up this topic, and I appreciate the sensitivity in her writing, even as she refuses to compromise Scripture.

Are you looking for something uplifting? Elizabeth Prata explores The incomparable riches of His grace in a devotional essay for The End Time. This exquisite little Bible Study should fill you with adoration for the Lord and anticipation for an eternity of worshiping Him!

Although Michael Horton should have been a little stronger in maintaining that homosexuality is sinful, his article, 3 Ways to Engage LGBTQ+ Pride Month in Core Christianity, does make points that Christians might want to consider.

Thankfully, Robin Self, author of A Worthy Walk, balances Horton’s piece wonderfully with Pride Month is Hatred for God. She writes with compassion for those who are entrapped by homosexual sin, but still exposes its wickedness. I urge you to read her post, especially if you struggle to accept that homosexuality is sinful.

Of course I’d like to “Make America Great Again.” But I think Leslie A, writing in Growing 4 Life, brings us a more Biblical perspective in her article, What Does the Bible Say About… (Patriotism)? She reminds us that true citizenship extends beyond loving and serving our country.

“Why Don’t You Be Quiet and Listen?” by Chris Hohnholz of Slave to the King really hits the nail on the head by revealing how progressive evangelicals, along with false teachers and their followers, shut down conservative Christians without dealing with our viewpoints. Chris writes with his characteristic passion, while acknowledging that we indeed need to listen.

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