Saturday Sampler: June 5 — June 11

Like many of us who take Biblical stands on social media, Denny Burk suffered a little grief on Twitter last week. He responds to his critics by writing Pride Month and Ezekiel 16:49 by simply bringing out Scriptural and historical context. In doing so, he demonstrates that answering worldly objections doesn’t require making worldly arguments. All we need to do is rightly divide God’s Word.

Have you ever felt as if God ignored your requests? When I was single, desperately begging Him for a husband, I struggled with such feelings. Tim Challies addresses the frustration of unanswered prayer in his post, Prayers That God Will Not Answer. Looking back, I see each of the reasons Challies gives played a part in why the Lord delayed my marriage. See if you can find reasons He might not be answering your prayers right now.

Writing in The End Time, Elizabeth Prata shows us evidence from Scripture and solid commentators that we can Rejoice in our future! The reason she gives for rejoicing is something I’ve read thousands of times over my 51 years of reading the Bible, but never really grasped until reading her article. I wonder if the reason will surprise you as much as it surprised me.

Why should we bother with church history? Leslie A offers a powerful answer in Sometimes a Look Back is Invaluable, which appears in Growing 4 Life this week. If you think history is boring and irrelevant, I beg you to read this post to see how the Christians of past generations can encourage us as we face persecution in our own time.

I’m not quite sure how to introduce Jesse Johnson’s Father, Long Before Creation, which you’ll find in The Cripplegate. What a marvelous musing based on a hymn written by Chinese Christians during persecution in the 1950s! And what a stirring celebration of how the Trinity worked long before creation for our salvation! Be sure to click the second link in paragraph 1 to play a joyful version of the hymn by Indelible Grace.

On Slave to the King, Chris Hohnholz takes issue with the news that Eerdmans Publishing Celebrities Sin to observe Pride Month. Well folks, we indeed should be upset when a company claiming to be Christian deliberately disregards the clear teaching of God’s Word for the sake of appeasing worldly culture. Kudos to Chris for standing on Scripture.

I approached Why “Proverbs Aren’t Promises” is Misleading with skepticism, and truthfully I’m still questioning some points in Peter Krol’s article for Knowable Word. I debated about including it in this week’s collection, but decided to so because he has an interesting understanding of Proverbs. And many of his points are quite reasonable, making them well worth consideration.

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