Saturday Sampler: June 12 — June 18

Have you been thinking about heaven lately? I have! Apparently so has Tim Challies, as evidenced by his wonderful mediation, The Harder Our Earth, the Sweeter Our Heaven. If life is hard for you right now, Tim’s words might give you the encouragement you need.

Speaking of attitudes during suffering, Elizabeth Prata of The End Time writes Job vs. Naomi: How do we respond when circumstances take a downturn? This interesting comparison between two prominent people of the Old Testament can help us respond to our trials in ways that honor the Lord.

When Cindy Matson begins with an allusion to Shakespeare, my background as an English Literature major perks up. Of course, Bible Study Nerd is a blog about the Bible, not literature, so she merely uses The Bard to introduce us to Prayers to Kill the Green-Eyed Monster of jealousy. The direction of the prayers she suggests may surprise you.

In Growing 4 Life this week, a biographical sketch of John Bunyan and a truck bed full of discarded Legos lead Leslie A to muse on Life and Legos. She writes with humility and candor about her own struggles to maintain an eternal perspective, assuring us that God works patiently to develop our characters.

Many of us watching the live stream of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Annual Meeting this week were incensed when they allowed Rick Warren to speak from the floor. Chris Hohnholz was one of us. His reaction, On Rick Warren, Women Pastors, and “Secondary Issuesappears in Slave to the King with excellent evidence that the matter of women in the pulpit is definitely important. His passion for God’s Word makes this post well worth your time and attention.

Peter Krol continues his series on the “commandments” of commentary use by writing Facts vs. Implications in Commentaries for Knowable Word. Admittedly, this is a difficult distinction to grasp, so you can’t really skim through this article. But I think it’s well worth the effort if we want to enhance our Bible Study time with the wisdom of Bible scholars.

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