Saturday Sampler: June 26 — July 2

Starting with some fascinating trivia about Handel’s Messiah, Clint Archer of The Cripplegate encourages us to Sing Hallelujah! He takes us through one of the psalms as a threefold example of why we should praise God.

The big wedding month has just ended, but it’s never too late for sound marriage advice — especially if it comes from the Bible. Elizabeth Prata writes Michal: The Wrong Foundation for Marriage in The End Time as an encouragement to build on godly values rather than superficial attraction. Using the account of David’s marriage to Saul’s daughter, Elizabeth guides us through a few dangers we face when we emphasize the wrong things.

Tim Challies says that it’s Not a Lack of Food, But a Lack of Hunger that causes spiritual starvation. He then shows us a few ways to feed ourselves on the abundance of spiritual resources.

Let’s be honest: all of us struggle to pay attention when our pastors stand up to preach on Sunday morning. So Mark Barnes, in a post for the Logos blog, suggests, If You Find Listening to Sermons Boring, Try This. He walks us through the steps of active preparation, engagement and digestion to get the maximum benefit from pulpit ministry.

Gentle Reformation features an article and letter to the editor about Gay Pride that Kit Swartz wrote to a local newspaper. The points are Biblical and brilliant, showing the courage to speak truth even when government and media cling to lies. What a wonderful example of standing for Scripture in a world that rejects God’s pattern for sexuality!

I’ve enjoyed Peter Krol’s series on the proper uses of commentaries in Knowable Word this past ten weeks. He wraps up the series with Credit Where Credit is Due as a short reminder. At the beginning of his post, he offers a link to his ten commandments of commentary usage, providing a handy reference page that we can bookmark.

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