Saturday Sampler: July 3 — July 9

Did Gay Pride Month get you down? It definitely can be wearing! That’s why Don’t Be Discouraged by Pride Month by Robby Lashua offers such a refreshing perspective. This article, published on the Stand to Reason website, reminds us Who controls the calendar.

I don’t know how many of you follow the antics of the Southern Baptist Convention, nor do I know how many of you even care. But for those of us who are concerned, Michelle Lesley writes The Mailbag: How could anyone stay in the SBC now? it’s a lengthy article, but very helpful to those who struggle with whether or not to stay in an SBC church.

Elizabeth Prata uses the example of Solomon’s marriage to the daughter of Pharaoh in The End Time to illustrate that You cannot pet sin, it will always bite you. Please don’t dismiss her post with the assumption that you already understand the consequences of sin. Elizabeth puts a finer point on the matter, leading us toward greater maturity in sanctification.

Have you ever seen the optical illusion depicting (depending on your perception) either a beautiful young woman or an old hag? Jesse Johnson, in a post for The Cripplegate, uses that image as an analogy for how we can understand the implications of Christ’s temptation in the wilderness. The temptation: beautiful young woman or old hag? may enhance your appreciation of that familiar Bible narrative.

Have you heard about evangelicals who claim to deconstruct the faith? It has been a trend over the last few years, and seems to have gained momentum lately. In an article for Slave to the King, Chris Hohnholz examines this phenomenon to explain why Deconstruction is Not Reformation.

What can catching fireflies on a summer evening teach us about our attitude toward sin? In a post on Growing 4 Life, Leslie A muses on this matter. Flying Free calls us to look at those sins that seem inconsequential (or at least understandable) as well as the freedom we have to fly away from them.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Sampler: July 3 — July 9

  1. Your faith and walk with Christ are such an inspiration to me. I just went a few days in the hospital, and unfortunately my disability progressed! I have so much anxiety, but I try to rely on the scriptures, and “cast my care” upon the Lord.
    I mourn the loss of perceived independence, but just when I get ok with my losses, new ones pop up.
    And then I learn I am still hanging on too tight to this world!

    Anyway, May God bless you and your ministry.


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