Saturday Sampler: July 10 — July 16

Writing in The Heidelblog, R. Scott Clark shows us how Paul Was A Gospel-Man in preaching salvation by faith alone. I almost stopped reading his piece halfway through, thinking that he advocated unrestrained grace, but thankfully I kept on to the end. Please give Clark a fair shake before deciding that he teaches error. I’m certainly glad I did!

Generally, I try to exercise caution when it comes to eschatology, and I hope you do as well. But in Into to Eschatology: Back to the Future, Pt 1, Clint Archer opens his series on the topic by establishing such Biblical guidelines for studying it that I can recommended his post for The Cripplegate without the slightest bit of reservation. I’ll be reading the subsequently posts eagerly. Will you join me?

Leslie A has such a knack for getting to the root of things! She does it again with There’s a Supplement for That in Growing 4 Life. But why did she have to choose the three sins I struggle with the most to use as examples?

Do you tend to look down your nose at social media? If so, I invite you to read Social media is not ‘an extra’ by Elizabeth Prata of The End Time. If I say anything more about her thought provoking essay, I fear stealing her thunder, and I really want you to read what she has written. Yes, it’s that important.

It’s wonderful when Sunny Shell feels up to making a post on her Abandoned to Christ blog! With tremendous insight coupled with compassion and sensitivity, she first examines the typical understanding of what a “life verse” is. Then she tells us what Everyone’s Life Verse ought to be, and why it ought to be our verse.

We often need to remember that We Are Drawn to Jesus by the Father’s Loving Kindness, as Paul Tautgus demonstrates from Scripture. I appreciate the way his blog, Counseling One Another, emphasizes Biblical doctrine as the means of dealing with life.

You Are Smart Enough to Study the Bible, insists Ryan Higginbottom in his article for Knowable Word. If self-doubt makes you hesitant to study God’s Word, Ryan encourages you to set aside your feelings of inadequacy. He reminds us that the website he writes for provides excellent resources to help.

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