Saturday Sampler: July 17 — July 23

Sometimes Ryan Higginbottom writes a blog post title in Knowable Word that shocks me. You Don’t Have to Read the Bible Every Day is one such title. After reading the article, however, you may find yourself eager to read the Bible every day.

I had decided last week that I wouldn’t share every installment of Clint Archer’s new series on eschatology in The Cripplegate. But once I began reading Kingdom Come: Back to the Future, Pt 2, I changed my mind! Clint writes with careful balance as he presents all views on this controversial subject, gently explaining his view. So far, he has the same understanding as I do, and he’s helping me see how Scripture supports that understanding. Even if you hold a different eschatological position, this series will encourage you to go back to God’s Word and study your beliefs. Who knows? Perhaps you’ll send me a message on The Outspoken TULIP Facebook page showing me where Clint is mistaken.

A mishap at the dog groomer’s inspired Leslie A to write that Change Isn’t Always Welcome in her Growing 4 Life blog. I opened the post with expectations of warnings against seeker friendly churches that compromise God’s Word in order to attract the unchurched, but I quickly found Leslie going in a much different direction. She addresses something that Christians face as we grow in our obedience to the Lord.

For the most part, I avoid the topic of partisan politics on this blog. But if you read SlimJim’s article, Disturbing: 44 percent of Young male Democrats approves of political assassination, to the end, you’ll understand why I’ve included it in this week’s Sampler. Jim writes for The Domain for Truth.

Having spent a large percentage of my life around ex-gay ministry, I found Rosaria Changes Her Mind About “Conversion Therapy” by R. Scott Clark in The Heidelblog to be absolutely fascinating…and encouraging. Maybe only a few of you will care about this subject (hopefully I’m wrong), but I was so excited by it that I can’t resist sharing it!

Nathan Eshelman, writing for Reformation 21, caught my attention by opening Christ’s Pattern, a Masterful Work with a story of a painting mistakenly attributed to Rembrandt. He uses this historical incident to remind us of how we can imitate Christ.

You know my passion for applying Titus 2:3-5 to how I live as well as how I write this blog. So when I opened The End Time and read Elizabeth Prata’s Younger women, you’ll be older someday, I was tickled pink! Younger sisters, please consider the points Elizabeth makes, so that the Lord will prepare you to be older women who bring glory to Him.

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