Saturday Sampler: July 24 — July 30

False converts do exist, sadly. In TheoThoughts, Lisa Spencer warns us to Beware of the bootleg anointing of false salvation. I love her reminder of the Source of true conversion, as well as her balanced explanation of how we can examine ourselves.

I’ve never been strong on eschatology, I’m ashamed to say. So Clint Archer’s current series in The Cripplegate is really helping me! I particularly appreciate the presentation of various viewpoints, as we see in 1 Kingdom, 3 Views: Back to the Future, Pt 3. Although Clint doesn’t hide which view he favors, he acknowledges that solid Christians hold differing opinions. He also trusts his readers to reach our own conclusions. If, like me, you’ve shied away from studying eschatology, please don’t pass up this opportunity to learn.

Elizabeth Prata of The End Time responds to some of her critics with Should we look at a teacher’s lifestyle? Or only his/her doctrine? She carefully takes us through Scripture concerning this very important aspect of Biblical discernment.

Technology hasn’t exactly created new sins, but it does provide new ways of sinning. In The Mailbag: She’s single and pregnant by IFV. How do I respond?, Michelle Lesley explores attitudes toward our fellow church members when they openly celebrate their disobedience. She reminds us not to make matters even worse.

Musing on the death of a dear friend, Melissa of Your Mom Has a Blog writes Heaven is True Love Realized. I loved this sweet tribute to her loved one, as well as her encouragement to those of us still waiting to go Home.

What Makes You Really Angry? asks Leslie A in a post for Growing 4 Life. Obviously, most of us (do you see me raising my guilty hand?) rage over the wrong things. We’re selfish. But Leslie directs our attention to something that infuriated the apostle Paul. It should infuriate us as well!

Can we ever have too many posts from Elizabeth Prata? In my opinion: no. And What happens when we go outside of God’s Word? is just too good to neglect in this curation. She starts by a behind the scenes look at the best-selling novel, The Shack, to explore some of the dangers in seeking personal revelations and comfortable understandings of God.

When I read Ryan Higginbottom’s title, Not Every Interesting Detail is Important, in Knowable Word, my initial reaction was shock. Isn’t every word in Scripture breathed out by God? Well yes. At the same time, we have the responsibility to practice proper rules of interpretation. Ryan demonstrates how to determine when details enhance a passage and when they distract us from the meaning.

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