Saturday Sampler: August 7 — August 13

In her post for TheoThoughts, Lisa Spencer challenges certain tweets from the Woke crowd by writing Can we only imagine? on race and ethnicity in the eschaton. She introduces this piece with a disclaimer that some of her points are only speculation. I’m not sure about that. Practically everything she says lines up with Scripture as far as I can tell. And her emphasis on the main focus of God’s Kingdom is absolutely beautiful!

As a pastor’s wife, Melissa of Your Mom Has A Blog joins her husband when he counsels married couples. She draws on her counseling experience — as well as her own 23 years of marriage — to write Dishes and Divorce: Why Little Things Can Lead to a Breakup. Even if you’ve been married for a while, her insight can serve as encouragement to keep your marriage healthy.

In his G3 Ministries Blog, Josh Buice confronts the latest trend among evangelicals. Dear Christian, Stop Being Winsome challenges the idea that we must avoid offending people, even if that avoidance requires us to compromise truth. He lists several examples from Scripture of behavior that was decidedly not winsome.

Do you struggle with the sin of complaining? I sure do! So I appreciate Leslie A for writing It’s All in How You Look at It in Growing 4 Life. It’s amazing to see how this woman gets such profound spiritual lessons out of mundane things like clouds and reading glasses.

Gentle Reformation features An On-Going Battle by Kyle E Sims. He gives a hopeful and encouraging perspective on the seemingly endless struggle against sin. I read it soon after a discouraging time of confessing sins that I’d thought I’d made significant progress mortifying, finding a wonderful sense of relief and joy in God’s grace. Maybe this post will offer you similar reassurance.

Once again. Beth Moore has drawn attention to herself by justifying her rebellious action of preaching in a Sunday morning church service. In an essay for The End Time, Elizabeth Prata explains that The Bible is clear: Women cannot be pastors or teach men. This even includes Beth Moore. Elizabeth is, in my opinion, the leading authority on this particular false teacher, having researched her extensively for over a decade.

In his post for Knowable Word, Peter Krol writes Context Matters: The Whole Armor of God to show how that famous passage from Ephesians 6 fits into the epistle as a whole. I especially like his emphasis on the Lord’s strength as we battle against spiritual forces.

Leslie A has a second blog post this week, again drawing on her simple experience as a grandmother to make a spiritual application. A Lesson from the Candy Store warns us about the ways false teachers easily deceive us.

One thought on “Saturday Sampler: August 7 — August 13

  1. Hi Debbie, just to say a huge thank you for the time and effort that you put into your Saturday sampler, your diligence and love of God shines through each post that you share with us.


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