Saturday Sampler: August 14 — August 20

What Can a Heart Do? by Tim Challies might strike you as a little odd in the first few paragraphs, but keep reading. It’s a fascinating article that will give you plenty of food for thought.

If you need help understanding eschatology as much as I do, Clint Archer’s current series in The Cripplegate is a blessing. Granted, The Great Tribulation: Back to the Future, Part 5 may not exactly feel like a blessing, as Clint himself admits. Still, it blessed me to have him walk me through the Scriptures to give me a handle on the chronology of end time events. I can’t recommend this blog post too highly!

What does the Bible really say about lawsuits? Michelle Lesley explores that question by writing The Mailbag: Should I Sue? Her response looks at Scripture, discussing its context, and from there examines some possible ramifications of filing a suit. She also directs us to seek both Biblical and legal counseling in order to make a wise and godly decision.

Leslie A recently had a conversation that made her think about Our Best and Highest Endeavor as Christians. The point she makes in this post in Growing 4 Life is so simple, and yet it makes a case for a practice that (to our shame) we often neglect. Think about her point, asking the Lord if you need to grow in this matter.

Just after I published my article on shut-ins, Michelle Lesley ran a Guest Post: Ministering to the Sick: More than a Checklist by Melissa Morris. Melissa speaks as someone all too familiar with catastrophic illness, so she provides a helpful insider’s perspective.

Inspired by teaching in her home church, Elizabeth Prata writes ACTS: A prayer method for The End Time. Even if you know this popular approach to prayer (I’ve been using it for over ten years), you may find her interpretation of it refreshing. The Scriptures she uses are especially beautiful, and well worth your consideration.

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