Saturday Sampler: August 28 — September 3

Progressives and non-Christians love claiming that the Bible condones slavery, as if that approval gives cause to reject its authority. Thankfully, SlimJim posts a helpful Fact Sheet on Bible and Slavery on his The Domain for Truth blog. It’s short and easily read, but it clears up a lot of common misconceptions about slavery in Biblical times.

I do not condone the new trend of employees quiet quitting at their jobs. But there’s an even worse trend, as Stephen McAlpine shows us by his post, Hey Christian, Don’t “Quiet Quit” Your Faith. I don’t always agree with McAlpine, so I can’t recommend his post blog without reservation. But this article deserves attention. We very much need reminders such as he gives us here.

Clint Archer, writing for The Cripplegate, finishes his excellent series on eschatology with More Reckonings: Back to the Future, Part 7. This series has answered many of my questions about the end times. I pray it’s also helped you.

Homosexuality has become an uncomfortable topic for Christians because the world no longer regards it as shameful. Calvin Goligher, contributing to Reformation 21, writes Talk about an Awkward Term to remind us why standing for God’s design for human sexuality is so necessary, even when our culture would rather that we conform to current attitudes.

Maybe discernment is easier than we think. By Comparing Two Religions (that go by the same name) in her Growing 4 Life blog, Leslie A uses Scripture to differentiate between true and false Christianity. Although sometimes the particulars are more subtle than the examples she uses, careful examination will ultimately expose false teaching.

R. Scott Clark’s The Lapsed Now And Then: What The Decian Persecution Teaches Us About Recovering From Covid wonderfully draws on early church history to help us walk in grace toward our brothers and sisters with whom we disagree. Even if the very thought of history makes your skin crawl, give this piece a chance. Its application just might bless you.

After reading When You Hear of a Scandal by Darryl Dash, I’ve decided to subscribe to Dashhouse. What a balanced, godly response to the constant deluge of scandalous information that assaults us daily!

I’m not sure how much of you care about Roman Catholicism, but I found Leonardo De Chirico’s September article in The Vatican Files extremely helpful in understanding the political dynamics of this religious system. One Roman (Vatican) Stop After a Catholic (German) Push examines a current controversy caused by progressive German Catholic leaders. While we Protestants may not have much interest in the skirmish in and of itself, De Chirico provides invaluable insight into Rome’s resistance to the Gospel.

Thanks to Michelle Lesley for posting Throwback Thursday – Nine Reasons Discerning Women Are Leaving Your Church again. Please remember as you read this one that Michelle is a strong proponent of active church membership, so she is by no means advocating Lone Ranger Christianity. Rather, she highlights nine serious problems that churches need to address.

Do you sometimes dream of performing a great ministry for God? I know I find myself wanting to be a well-known blogger with thousands of devoted followers. So I praise the Lord for The End Time, in which Elizabeth Prata reminds us that Blooming where He plants you glorifies God just as beautifully as the ministries that receive notice and applause. Elizabeth published this little gem of an essay precisely when I really needed it!

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