Saturday Sampler: September 4 — September 10

In The Millennial Kingdom: Back to the Future, Part 8, Clint Archer of The Cripplegate makes sense of God’s promises to Israel in the Old Testament. He clears up a lot of confusion, while demonstrating principles of good Bible interpretation.

Ah, the excitement of being engaged! Yet sometimes the engagement period forces us to think more carefully about Prince Charming, as Michelle Lesley shows us in The Mailbag: My fiance and I don’t agree on theology. If you or your daughter is contemplating marriage, this post will provide excellent guidance concerning the most essential aspect of Christian marriage.

Writing as a For the Church contributor, Lydia Schaible encourages us to Age with Joy. Since I’m a little over a year away from 70, I desperately needed this Biblical point of view. Maybe some of you will also find comfort in what she has to say.

Looking over sermon notes that her elder preached in 2013, Elizabeth Prata writes The Love of Jesus is,.. in The End Time. Both she and I blogged about God’s wrath last week, so this essay provides wonderful balance without compromising truth. Her use of Scripture highlights the object and incredible nature of Christ’s love, so you’ll want this clarifying perspective. You might also see her companion piece, God’s love is...

As a citizen of Australia, Stephen McAlpine is technically under British rule, making his reflections on the passing of Queen Elizabeth II all the more poignant. The day the Queen Met the King includes encouraging glimpses of Her Majesty’s Christian faith, contrasting it against the militant secularism that engulfs England and western culture. As an American, I appreciate reading his view of the situation. As a Christian, I love his concluding paragraphs.

I’m glad someone besides me repudiates the lie that God won’t give you More Than You Can Handle! Austin Dovin, writing in For the Church, firmly insists that He indeed often exceeds our limitations so that we must rely on Him.

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