Saturday Sampler: November 27 — December 3

Michelle Lesley doesn’t hate Santa Claus, but she does hate the idea of lying to children. So she reprises The Mailbag: What should we tell our kids (and grandkids) about Santa Claus? from December 4, 2017. I love her blend of Scripture and common sense — not to mention her creatively — in tackling this controversial issue.

Are You Ready to Read the Bible in 2023? asks Leslie A of Growing 4 Life. Unlike most reading plans, Leslie’s is flexible, allowing for schedule variations and disruptions. If you want a Bible reading plan that fits into your busy life, you might consider her annual Bible Reading Challenge.

If Leslie’s plan doesn’t appeal to you, consider some of the suggestions that Scott Slayton of One Dergree to Another makes in The Value of Repeated Bible Reading. Scott raises some great points on concentrating time and attention on specific portions on Scripture in addition to getting acquainted with the big picture. Both approaches are extremely important to developing a solid grasp of God’s Word.

Writing in The End Time, Elizabeth Prata teaches us How to tell a false Bible teacher from a true teacher by providing two helpful checklists. If you want to cultivate your discernment skills, this essay offers very practical guidelines for evaluating anyone who teaches God’s Word.

People say a lot of stupid things when someone is grieving. In his very personal article, Tim Challies reflects on the insensitivity he experienced after his son’s death by writing No, It Wasn’t the Vaccine. Although I suffered through many hurtful remarks during my own times of grief, I’d never considered the issue that Tim raises. But it makes sense, and his insight can equip us to more effectively weep with those who weep.

While exploring the G3 Ministries blog Thursday, I found James Anderson’s wonderful post, How Firm a Foundation: Exceeding Great and Precious Promises, which examines my all-time favorite hymn. I loved reading more background on this hymn, and I believe this article will deepen your appreciation of its lyrics.

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