Saturday Sampler: December 4 — December 10

In Farewell, Charlie Brown Christmas, Denny Burk tenderly reminiscences on a beloved classic that will grace network television this year for the last time. Though it will still be available, I’m sad that it won’t have the wide exposure that it’s had for nearly 60 years. Don’t watch the second video clip until you grab a box of tissues!

It’s that time of year when most children excitedly anticipate visits from Santa Claus — and talk about him with each other. In The Mailbag: My kid knows the truth about Santa. What if he tells his friends who don’t?, Michelle Lesley discusses this sensitive matter using godly wisdom. If you have school aged children, this article (repeated from December 2018) will help you navigate a tricky situation,

Forgiving others doesn’t come naturally, even for Christians. Leslie A of Growing 4 Life addresses this problem, and shares how the Lord has helped her deal with it, by writing Let It Roll. Just Let it Roll. In this crazy world where people feel offended so easily, her counsel and insight fill a big hole.

Writing for Fight for Faith, Doug Eaton looks to Zacherias and Elizabeth as examples of Celebrating Christmas with Jesus Himself. This short devotional challenges us to examine our prayer and Bible intake as we prepare to welcome Christ into our holiday celebrations.

Is discernment ministry an excuse for gossip? Not always. But more and more, that’s becoming the case according to Tim Challies. So he writes Let’s Talk About Jesus, Not Celebrities to help us guard against using discernment as an excuse to speak and write things that unnecessarily damage the reputations of others. Thankfully Tim acknowledges that sometimes we do need to call out people; had he not made this caveat, I probably wouldn’t have recommended his article.

Sunny Shell, who blogs at abandoned to Christ, writes When My Heart Breaks in response to a slanderous text from someone dear to her. You’ll appreciate her godly way of handling her emotions.

What’s Your Top Priority When Studying the Bible? Peter Krol’s post in Knowable Word differentiates between our ultimate goal and the necessary steps for reaching it. His insight guides us to proper interpretation of the text, which in turn leads to right application.

Michelle Lesley is more to me than a fellow blogger. Although I only met her in person once, I consider her a personal friend. Therefore, I beg you to read If you’d like to help… and act accordingly. This lady has served God faithfully by ministering to her family, her church and women all over the county. Now we have the opportunity to minister to her. Please, as you are able. take this opportunity. Thank you!

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