Saturday Sampler: January 8 — January 14

I admit it: I have a fascination with the Royal Family. Before you watch Harry & Meghan by Murray Campbell therefore convicted me more than a bit. It isn’t comfortable to read, bit it helps us see gossip in a different light.

Although Jacob Crouch directs Family Worship is Not Just For Your Kids! primarily to husbands, I’ve chosen to share this item from Aliens and Pilgrims here for you and your husbands to consider. But no — I’m not giving you permission to nag. Share this respectfully, and then quietly pray. I’m not sharing it with John because he already leads family worship twice a day. But he’ll probably end up reading it anyway, and he’ll be encouraged to see that he’s doing a great job!

Do you ever struggle with making decisions? Leslie A addresses that common problem in Finding True North, which appears in Growing 4 Life this week. She illustrates her point with a few real-life examples of God’s faithfulness in guiding His children as we seek Him in the pages of Scripture. Leslie’s definitely my kind of gal!

In his no-holds-bar article for The Cripplrgate, Jordan Standrige highlights The Only Thing Protestants Can Appreciate About Pope Benedict as he reflects on various reactions to this pope’s death. Is Jordan too harsh in his assessment of Benedict? I don’t think so, given that he bases it on the man’s own words and how they contradict Biblical doctrine. This article reminds us that we must never forget the hard work of the 16th Century Reformers.

I appreciate Tim Challies for writing What I Want From A Church. When churches try to adapt to perceived demands of “consumers,” they abandon the very thing that makes church relevant. Please make sure that you choose a church (or remain in a church) for the right reasons.

Are You Cherishing Sin? asks Robin Self of A Worthy Walk. She gives us several Scriptures warning against this dangerous, but terribly commonplace, problem.

Since I have reached old age, I think about death more seriously than I used to. So reading Vanessa Le’s When I Die Young (Or Old) resonated with me. It’s not a typical post for Gentle Reformation to run, but it’s a beautifully written reminder of our ultimate hope as Christians.

Rarely does Elizabeth Prata share much about her personal life in The End Time, and even more rarely does she disclose her past sin. Her essay, The sheets lasted longer than the marriage, doesn’t glorify her past behavior, however. Rather, it demonstrates the insidious nature of sin, warning us to avoid its lure. It takes courage to write with as much honesty as Elizabeth does here, but her love for younger women shines through every word. If you have teenage daughters. I beg you to have them read this one!

3 thoughts on “Saturday Sampler: January 8 — January 14

  1. What a blessing you are with your boldness to speak God’s truth! In our current culture it is refreshing to find a woman holding steadfast to the Word of God! Justin Peters recommended your page and I have been enjoying reading your blogs. I haven’t commented before but I felt you needed to know that you are making a difference by speaking truth in a world that is so deceived and confused by the enemy!


    • Thank you for your kind and encouraging words, Crystal. Please feel free to comment any time — even if you disagree or have questions. I wish more of my readers would interact with my posts. It helps me to know what people are thinking and whether or not I am actually meeting needs. I very much appreciate your comment!


      • Wonderful to hear from you. II enjoy the Biblical view you have on many things. I had never thought about the angle of gossip when reading information about the Royals, Johnny Depp (my area of intrigue), or even the current news on the Idaho murderer. That article convicted me and made me realize that the idea of just needing a couple minutes to chill and opening up You tube is not honoring to God. I am trying to be more purposeful in all areas of my life and this article was a wonderful wake up call to how that becomes being involved in gossip. Have a wonderful day and thank you for being such a sweet aroma to us women that are wanting to be women after God’s heart.

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