Saturday Sampler: January 15 — January 21

In observing Bible passages, it helps to regard Repeated Words and Titles as a Clue to the Main Point of a Book. Ryan Higginbottom illustrates this principle by offering an overview of Paul’s epistle to Titus. He shows how locating repeated themes in that letter give clearer insight into the overall message that Paul meant to convey. You’ll find Ryan’s post in Knowable Word.

Tim Challies, perhaps the most well-known and prolific blogger in Reformed circles, says that It’s 2023 and We Need Blogs More Than Ever. His perspective greatly encourages me, particularly as I see dwindling readership. Sometimes I feel like I’m spending time needlessly when I could invest my energies elsewhere. So I praise the Lord for Tim’s words. Beyond the impact his post made in my circumstances, however, his encouragement to Christians who haven’t yet tried blogging is invaluable. If you have any interest in blogging, please read this one!

Sunday I listened to the Voice Of Reason Radio podcast, as I do every week after church (Chris, if you read this, notice I said, AFTER church, not INSTEAD OF church). I found myself wishing Chris Honholtz would augment the podcast by writing more articles on Slave to the King. Lo and behold, he writes All Things to All People? this week, almost as if he’d heard my thoughts. Even better, he answers a common misunderstanding of Paul’s phase, simply by looking at it in context. If you like his post, you can find his podcast on the same website.

False teachers invite us to share in deceptions all the time. In her Growing 4 Life article, Leslie A admonishes us to be careful when popular books, videos and trends in the evangelical world call us to Come On In! Praise God for her fresh and vivid reminder of why we constantly need to use discernment, as well as her explanation of how we can develop that discernment. Not all invitations should be accepted.

Since January 22 is Sanctity of Life Sunday, Michelle Lesley reprises Basic Training: Abortion, which she originally published in 2019. Some may think that she takes too much of a hard line on this subject, but I plead with you to hear her out. I appreciate her balance of law and grace as she examines the true nature of abortion in light of the forgiveness that Jesus provides to all repentant sinners.

God laid it on my heart? by Elizabeth Prata is one of many reasons why The End Time is a favorite blog of mine. This particular essay carefully examines the ministry of the Holy Spirit, concentrating on how He leads us. Elizabeth writes on this matter with absolute brilliance, slicing through the confusion that modern day mystics have created. After a Facebook squabble that I’ve had this week regarding a related issue, this post was definitely a healing balm.

Writing for Delivered By Grace, Josh Buice asks, Is It Possible to Preach the Gospel Without Words? You probably already know his basic answer to this admittedly ridiculous saying, but I’d like you to look at his reasoning behind rejecting it.

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