Saturday Sampler: January 22 — January 28

I’m getting to really like Aliens and Pilgrims by Jacob Crouch. His post, Just because I’m religious, doesn’t mean I’m superstitious, strikes a chord with me. Spending 30 years in Charismatic circles exposed me to quite a few ideas and practices that were more superstitious than Biblical. Sometimes it encourages me when other people see the same things I do.

Ever feel discouraged about your unsaved loved ones? Me too. Darryl Dash of Dashhouse addresses our discouragement by writing If We Do Not Give Up. I wish he had added a comment explaining that sometimes the Lord chooses not to bring our loved ones to salvation, but I still recommend this post for its emphasis on God’s sovereignty as we faithfully proclaim the Gospel.

With more poise than I would probably exhibit, Michelle Lesley responds to one of her readers in The Mailbag: Questions about the role of women in the church. Michelle handles the challenges beautifully, relying on Scripture as the authority for her position. I love her depth of thought as she tackles common objections to God’s design for Christian women.

Keith Evans, a contributing writer for Gentle Reformation, comments on The Many Odd Uses and Abuses of Matthew 18. Although I’ve written about some of those abuses in my own blog a few times, Keith brings out an example or two that I’d never thought of. Reading his article may help you see ways that people exploit Jesus’ teaching on interpersonal relationships within the body of Christ.

It seems fitting that the author of a blog called The End Time would write Doomsday clock moves 10 seconds closer to midnight, don’t you think? But Elizabeth Prata isn’t standing on a street corner wearing a sandwich board proclaiming “The end is near!” Rather, she distinguishes between the secular world’s understanding of the end and the anticipation Christians feel as we await Christ’s return.

Having come out of Charismatic teaching, I appreciate right teaching about the Holy Spirit. Josh Buice asks, in an article for Delivered By Grace, What Does the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit Produce in the Life of a Local Church? If you’re tempted to skip over this one (I admit that the title didn’t attract me at first), don’t. Josh gives a wonderful explanation of how the Holy Spirit operates in His church.

Should churches change their positions on things like homosexuality in order to appear more loving? Chris Honholtz addresses this question by writing Such Were Some of You in Slave to the King. He opens with a clear presentation of the Gospel, laying a foundation for understanding what Christianity really entails. Working from said foundation, he demonstrates why we must never accommodate sin (homosexual or otherwise) if we claim to be Christians. This post is well worth reading!

Knowable Word isn’t the most exciting blog, especially to readers who want nothing more than information on the latest false teachers and trends derailing evangelicals. But for readers who sincerely seek to cultivate discernment, its tips on Bible Study will go a long way in helping us understand sound teaching. Peter Krol’s Units of Thought in Discourse answers a question I’ve had about interpreting a certain passage — I can’t wait to read that passage again with Krol’s suggestions in mind. Can you sense my excitement?

While Robb Brunanski rightly celebrates the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, he recognizes that the battle against abortion is far from over. In The urgency of a post Roe world, he argues that Christians are must not be satisfied with that one victory. His piece appears in The Cripplrgate.

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