Saturday Sampler: February 5 — February 11

For those of us who use our discernment skills to call out false teachers, the temptation to keep arguing until our opponent concedes defeat can lead us into sinful attitudes and behavior. So I appreciate Tim Challies for putting A Prayer for Times of Controversy on his blog. This prayer by Puritan Richard Baxter might give us good balance as we seek to correct error within evangelical circles. Please, however, don’t misinterpret my inclusion of this article as a statement against calling out error; it’s more of an encouragement to maintain pure attitudes while doing so.

The Devil is Blinding You to Glory warns Jacob Crouch on Aliens and Pilgrims. He looks at how the Enemy blinds unbelievers when we witness to them (perhaps a helpful reminder that their conversions don’t depend on our rhetorical skills), but he also points out how Christians can be blinded.

Scott Slayton of One Degree to Another offers four compelling reasons Why You Should Read Genesis. No, I won’t give you hints or clues as to what those reasons are. But I will tell you that those reasons might influence your understanding of Scripture as a whole. When all the “begats” wear you down, those reasons just might encourage you to keep reading.

I don’t just agree with the personal opinion Michelle Lesley expresses in The Mailbag: Christians, the Bible, and Tattoos, I also believe she evaluates this difficult topic from a Scriptural perspective. No matter what you feel about tattoos, Michelle’s approach will cause you to think carefully through this issue. As godly women, let’s make sure that mere emotions don’t determine our attitudes about things that the Bible doesn’t address.

What guides your daily decisions? Leslie A discusses this crucial question by writing I Want A Principle Within for Growing 4 Life. As she often does, she asks some penetrating questions that rightly make us uncomfortable. But shouldn’t compromise with the world make Christians uncomfortable, especially if those compromises eventually take us in directions that displease the Lord? She ends with a poem by Charles Wesley that perhaps we all ought to pray.

David de Bruyn, writing for the G3 Blog, has some fascinating and concerning insights on the influence of Pentecostal worship has made inroads into cessationist churches. Cessmaticism: The Strange Hybrid of Contemporary Christian Worship examines the adoption of Charismatic styles of music into churches that would otherwise reject anything from that movement. He does, I admit, paint with a broad brush at times, but overall he raises points that we should most likely consider. Worship is too important to take lightly.

Does your church preach tithing? Tom of excatholic4christ holds the practice up to New Testament teaching in Throwback Thursday: Some thoughts about “tithing” that may surprise and even challenge you. He helps us see why we must examine everything against the Word of God, no matter how much we love and trust our pastors.

False teachers are subtle, as The End Time author Elizabeth Prata shows us in Ladies to avoid: Some Discernment essays. She explains the necessity of naming false teachers, and then lists some past posts she’d written on two popular teachers who usually fly under radar.

One of the elders in our church comes to our apartment each Friday morning to do Bible Study with me and John. This week we studied Scriptures about the authority of darkness, which Christ rescued us from. Robb Brunanski, in his post for The Cripplrgate, underscores the study we did by writing The Grammys and Spiritual Warfare. As Christians, we must stay aware of what really influences our culture.

Don’t neglect Robin Self’s reminder in A Worthy Walk that we are Saved from His Wrath. It’s a very short post with a powerful message.

One thought on “Saturday Sampler: February 5 — February 11

  1. DebbieLynne,
    I still love your articles, and knowing your challenges makes me understand your utter love and commitment to Christ. Thanks sister for all you do.

    Love in Christ,

    Rodney Ford


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