Saturday Sampler: February 19 — February 25

Praise the Lord for His compassion! Tim Challies, reflecting on a conversation he had with a friend from another religion, writes Daddy, I Need You to celebrate the kindness and love of our gracious Father in heaven.

For some Biblical thoughts on Asbury, Revival and Discernment, look to Michelle Lesley. After laying out strong principles for evaluating things of this nature, Michelle walks us through several elements of this event. You may disagree with some of her points, but I’d challenge you to hold up your opinions against God’s Word. Whatever else, Asbury certainly provides us with a great opportunity to develop discernment skills.

100 years ago, J. Gresham Machen published his seminal work entitled Christianity and Liberalism, which is available on Kindle. In Liberal Christians: A hundred-year oxymoron, Nathan Eshalman reviews this book as a commentary on 21st Century evangelicals. Apparently, we’d learned nothing from Machen.

How does A Present, Perpetual, Personal Revival sound? It would be a lot less expensive than traveling to Kentucky, and it would never have to end! Jacob Crouch of Aliens and Pilgrims offers three simple steps to this type of revival. And this type of revival will — I guarantee it — bear real fruit that honors the Lord Jesus Christ.

Elizabeth Prata, author of The End Time, is best known for her essays on discernment. But her Worship Interlude: Praising a sovereign Savior shows a more poetic side of her. More importantly. it directs our attention to the Lord and His intimate care for His creation.

Sigh! It’s that time of year again when people think they can please God by giving up bad habits or pleasurable treats for 40 days. Beginning with the idea of giving up Lent itself, Michelle Lesley lists 40 Things to Give Up for Lent. I knew she publishes this article every year. But Protestants continue to observe the season, forgetting that we find our security in Christ alone. For Ash Wednesday, I ate chocolate cake!

Having been saved through the Jesus Movement in 1971, I was interested to read The Jesus Revolution? by Taigen Joos on the G3 Ministries Blog. I believe his allegation that converts in that movement merely added Jesus to their lifestyles of drug abuse and sexual immorality is a misrepresentation, but otherwise I think the article accurately portrays what happened. I commend Joos for acknowledging that some of the conversions were authentic.

On his blog, Theology & Life, Blake Long assures us that God Hears our Prayers by taking us through Scripture. He also wants shows us why consistent Bible intake is absolutely essential for real communication with the Lord.

Let’s enjoy a second helping of Elizabeth Prata, this time as she answers a reader who asks Is it OK for Christians to be vegetarian/vegan? She examines all sides of the question, carefully drawing on Scripture before making a final conclusion.

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