Saturday Sampler: February 26 — March 4

Tom, author of excatholic4christ, has found a free online course out of Southern Baptist Seminary that has him extremely excited. In Back to School: Essentials of Catholic Theology — Introduction, he gives an overview of the course, tells us how to access it and promises weekly summaries of each lecture. Most evangelicals know little about what Roman Catholicism really teaches, making the course an invaluable resource.

Responding to some Dusty Comments from a non-Christian on social media, Jason Whitaker uses his Dear Woke Christian blog to explain why the Bible is an adequate tool for defending the truth of Christianity. It’s a very short post, but it definitely packs a punch.

Evaluating A saying that sounds pious but isn’t — “Let Go and Let God”, Elizabeth Prata draws on her past experience as an investigative journalist to show a variety of credible sources that refute the motto as unbiblical. Her blog, The End Time, is a wonderful resource for learning discernment skills. This essay is a shining example of how and why Christians must develop discernment.

Most articles about dressing modestly tend to lay out firm guidelines, which may be helpful. But Michelle Lesley takes a different approach in The Mailbag: Is It OK for Christian Women to Wear Bikinis? Rules, she reminds us, lead to legalism. As an alternative, she walks us through Philippians 2:3-8 to help us check our hearts as we decide how to dress.

Does Jesus Love Me? To answer that question, Keith Evans begins his post for Gentle Reformation with some remarks about the wrong assumptions that cause us to wonder about God’s love. From there, he takes us to the Scriptures that prove His love for us, liberating us from all doubt. If you struggle to find assurance that Jesus loves you, please don’t neglect this one!

Let’s visit Michelle Lesley again as she launches her Bible Study on discernment. Choose What Is Right: A Study in Discernment — Lessen 1 — Introduction gives very flexible guidelines for using this study and then gets us thinking about what Biblical discernment entails. I’m certainly intrigued! Please remember that her studies are for ladies only.

Henry Anderson joins The Cripplegate team to write some thoughts on Life and Death based on Paul’s letter to the Philippians. We need this reminder.

Commenting on the inconsistencies of most atheists, Aliens and Pilgrims author Jacob Crouch writes that he’s Shocked by Surprise as he watches their outrage over various moral injustices. I only wish he hadn’t described the world as broken instead of rebellious and sinful, but maybe that’s a minor quibble on my part. Certainly, his main point deserves attention. It might be useful if you witness to atheists.

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