Saturday Sampler: March 5 — March 11

Since his stroke last year, Mike Ratliff has mostly used his blog, Possessing the Treasure, to share excerpts from Spurgeon’s writings. I can understand his decision because of my increased limitations. But I enjoyed reading Mike’s own work again. And such were some of you testifies to God’s power to transform lives.

Reprising an essay she published in The End Time back in 2015, Elizabeth Prata declares I was not saved by a loving Jesus wooing me. At first, her remarks seem startling, almost as if she denies Christ’s love. But if you think in terms of standing against the popular notions that Christians should make the Gospel attractive to the world, you’ll understand the theological importance of Elizabeth’s personal testimony.

Evangelicals love the latest fad! Unfortunately, few of us bother to research the trends before jumping on the bandwagons with gleeful abandon. This tendency, in addition to inquiries she’s received, sparked Michelle Lesley to write The Mailbag: Applying Twisted Scripture to Pseudo-“Christian” Events, Ideas, and Fads this week. She applies Biblical principles of discernment to the necessary task of evaluating popular movements.

In Forever Young? Jesus and Eternal Life, Robb Brunanski of The Cripplegate comments on the sometimes extraordinary efforts people take to defy aging. Then he reminds us of how Christians have assurance that we need to not fear aging or death, yet save huge amounts of money and effort in the process.

Drawing from a modern hymn by the Gettys, Jacob Crouch muses on some ways we mistakenly assess our value. His post, My Worth Is Not In What I Own appears in Aliens and Pilgrims, using one of Jesus’ parables to illustrate his point. It’s an interesting and appropriate compliment to the article Robb Brunanski posts. And it causes me to rejoice in my Redeemer!

Peter Krol of Knowable Word takes us through selected Proverbs as he unveils 5 Misconceptions about Wealth that many Christians have. This study leads us to a balanced attitude toward money, protecting us from false guilt while still warning us against selfishness. He tucks in a couple unexpected observations that you might appreciate.

Those of us who speak out against false teaching hear the cry far too often! Just proclaim the Gospel! (aka too many competing messages) by Tom on his excatholic4christ blog examines this tiresome criticism against Scripture to explain why we use our blogs and other social media platforms to call out teachers and trends that lead people into error.

Homosexuality, Robin Self teaches us in her blog post for A Worthy Walk, goes against God’s Created Order for human sexuality. Of course her message contradicts popular opinion! But I stand with her in maintaining that popular opinion on this matter contradicts God’s Word. Robin includes an interesting argument against homosexuality that I’d never considered, despite my years as a correspondence counselor with an ex-gay ministry.

4 thoughts on “Saturday Sampler: March 5 — March 11

    • You pointed out how desperately people want to be rid of homosexual desires because they instinctively understand that those desires aren’t right. In this time of sexual tolerance, it seems odd that anyone would be troubled if he or she experienced same sex attraction, yet people still feel uncomfortable having those desires. God has given us all the understanding that He created us for heterosexual unions. So interesting!

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      • That’s what I was wondering if you meant!
        It’s something that I’ve thought about for years. If it is something good and to be desired, why do people so desperately want NOT to be that way? They know it isn’t natural. Thanks for answering!


  1. Hi DebbieLynne….thank you for yesterday’s sampler. I had not heard about Mike Ratliff before now. I followed your link and today I’m reading his Do Not Judge series. Like you, I hope he gets back to blogging.

    Again, thank you for including him in your Sampling.

    Jana Walczuk

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