Saturday Sampler: March 12 — March 18

1757 Sampler — Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

The feminists on Twitter are at it again! For some reason, they feel compelled to insist that David raped Bathsheba. Thankfully, Robin Self redirects the conversation by asking What IF David Raped? She takes us back to the true purpose of relaying the episode, Let’s stop obscuring God’s Word with controversial speculations.

Preaching the Gospel is urgent, according to Jacob Crouch. He defends his position with Scripture in his Aliens and Pilgrims article, One Day It Will Be Tomorrow as he reminds us of what needs to be done today.

Has Denny Burk lost his marbles? He says that Rick Warren Has Done the SBC a Great Service in his recent interview with Russell Moore. Because Warren has caused so much damage to the SBC and to the evangelical church at large, Denny’s statement makes you do a double-take at first. But please hear Denny out! He may have hit on something.

I love the way Michelle Lesley writes her Bible Studies. Instead of spoon feeding us, she leads us to dig into God’s Word for ourselves. Choose What Is Right: A Study in Discernment — Lesson 2 takes us into three passages of Scripture that introduce the necessity of discernment, as well as the means of exercising that discernment. This bi-weekly study promises to help us learn how to distinguish truth from error.

SlimJim, being a pastor himself, writes Should I get a Bible Software? primarily to fellow pastors. But as more women understand the importance of personal Bible study, we also wonder if Bible software would benefit us. So I’m including SlimJim’s post from The Domain for Truth to help any of you who may consider using electronic Bibles. As a quadriplegic who can no longer turn pages, I depend on my eSword software, which I use for personal devotions and study, but also for preparing blog posts.

Writing for Tabletalk Magazine, Robert VanDoodewaard reports that the Crisis in Canada: Assisted Suicide goes well beyond the mercy killing of terminally ill patients (which is bad enough). He details the broad scope of this Canadian legislation, and then outlines the Biblical response. It’s not pleasant reading, I grant you, but we need to understand this matter. It won’t stay in Canada.

Growing 4 Life author Leslie A challenges us yet again by asking, God’s Terms or Mine? You may think you’ve settled that question long ago — and maybe you have. Still, a little moral inventory never hurt anybody. Leslie’s article might encourage you to test yourself against Scripture to make the sure that you are fully yielded to the Lord.

Elizabeth Prata, in a sweet but convicting essay for The End Time, shares her thoughts on Contentment. In this era of arguing and grumbling, we definitely can learn from her example.

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