Saturday Sampler: April 9 — April 15

Okay, you’ve caught me! I get a kick out of typing Ryan Higginbottom’s name. But honestly, I genuinely like much of his work on the Knowable Word website. For example, What Comes After Resurrection? looks at the final few chapters of John’s gospel to demonstrate that Christ’s earthly mission continued well after He rose from the tomb. And what He did during the days before His ascension have implications for us today.

The Scriptures about the prophet Balaam have always perplexed me. Monday morning, in fact, I read a reference to him in Joshua that prompted me to ask the Lord for understanding about the man. Lo and behold, less than an hour later, Elizabeth Prata’s essay, Balaam: A true prophet or a false prophet with a greedy heart?, popped up in my email. This post in The End Time wonderfully unravels the seemingly contradictory aspects of this little man.

In The Cripplegate, Jesse Johnson reports on Psychology’s Culpability in the Transgender Movement. Parents in particular ought to read this one and share it with others. If your children attend public school or participate in community sports, you need to be aware that they will face pressure to question their gender identities. Your local child psychologist is not your friend!

Reading Jacob Crouch’s piece, Read the Bible A Lot, brings back uncomfortable memories of my early years as a new Christian. He uses the word “arrogance.” Yup, that describes my attitude in those days! What does saturation in God’s Word have to do with overcoming arrogance? Jacob’s post in Aliens and Pilgrims explains.

I love the thoughts Tim Challies shares in Beauty in the Whole and the Parts for its assurance that we can appreciate theology on different levels. What a liberating view of doctrine. I would add, however, that none of us should interpret his words as an excuse for shallow Bible study. Simplicity doesn’t equal laziness.

Who says discernment blogging has to be dry and boring? Using the tune, “Jesus Loves Me,” Michelle Lesley does a little creative writing with Throwback Thursday ~~ Jesus Loves Me: The “Contending for the Faith” Version. Somehow, I’d missed this little gem when she first published it in 2018, so I’m glad I caught it this time. But even if you saw it back then, it’s worth seeing again.

If you doubt The Necessity of the Local Church, read Blake Long’s brief post in Theology & Life on this subject. Sometimes a blogger doesn’t need a lot of words to make a point.

Once again, David de Bruyn writes a thought-provoking article for the G3 Ministries Blog. May Christians Mock? dismantles the myth that Christians must always be nice and avoid offending our opponents. David takes us through a variety of Biblical examples of godly men ridiculing those who promote false teachings. Yet he wisely cautions against using mockery indiscriminately. His article deserves your attention.

This second article by Blake Long may prove useful the next time you encounter any Jehovah’s Witness. What Does it Mean for Jesus to be the Firstborn? addresses a misinterpretation of Colossians 1:15 that Watchtower uses to deny the deity of Christ. Interestingly. John and I have been studying Colossians with an elder from our church who was saved out of that cult. Blake echoes what that elder taught us about Jesus as the firstborn.

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