Saturday Sampler: April 16 — April 22

Christian, be a Student of God’s Word says Blake Long in a post for Theology & Life. He explains the importance of knowing the Bible, even if we start out reading it just a few minutes each day. I especially appreciated his sensitivity towards people who feel discouraged or overwhelmed by Scripture; if you struggle in this area, perhaps Blake’s words will give you the encouragement you need.

Why would Clint Archer write about a deceased spelunker to comment on The First Easter Sermon that Peter gave at Pentecost? His fascinating blog post, which appears in The Cripplegate, answers this burning question.

Taking us through the book of Esther, Cindy Matson demonstrates God’s Providence Despite Bad Leadership. This article in Bible Study Nerd brings out aspects of the account that I’d never noticed, particularly in her analysis of Mordecai. As you read Cindy’s piece, please be sure to carefully read her footnote regarding abuse, lest you misunderstand her point.

In my younger years (though I feel embarrassed to admit it), I’d sometimes make the error of interpreting portions of the Bible through the grid of my experience. So I applaud Leslie A of Growing 4 Life for combating this attitude with What Determines What You Believe About God? She pinpoints common ways in which evangelicals substitute worldly assumptions for spiritual insight that actually draw us away from the Lord. Boy, do we need the wisdom that she puts forth in this excellent piece!

The author of Walk Wisely on Gentle Reformation remains anonymous, but she or he makes some fascinating points regarding the relationship between internet usage and time management. The post challenges Christians to use our time wisely, knowing that the world is getting darker.

Michelle Lesley shares some valuable thoughts in Discernment: What’s Love Got to Do With It? She deals with the common misunderstanding that speaking the truth in love equals never offending anyone, even if we know she’s harming herself.

John’s been in the hospital since Wednesday, which is rough on both of us (he’s my primary caregiver). So Jacob Crouch’s poem, All the Way to Heaven’s Shore, encourages me, You can find it on Aliens and Pilgrims. Maybe some of you will need its refreshment as much as I did.

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