Saturday Sampler: November 17 — November 23

Rose Sampler 02

For a poignant picture of God’s sovereignty in the midst of tragedy, read Bennett’s Final Race and the God of all Comfort by Leslie Schmucker. Sometimes children are wiser than adults.

Nathan Bingham of Ligonier posts a short video of Burk Parsons answering the question, How Do Creeds and Confessions Help Us? This thought-provoking reply may surprise those of us who don’t attend confessional churches, hopefully encouraging us to study the historic creeds and confessions that have shaped church history.

Surely one little sin doesn’t matter. Leslie A refutes that faulty attitude with The Domino Effect in Growing 4 Life this week. Accept her challenge to examine yourself.

Short and sweet: Peter Krol posts 5 Ways to Read More of the Bible in Knowable Word. You’ll find this article to be wonderfully refreshing, and I believe you’ll be encouraged to read God’s Word in the midst of all types of circumstances.

The Jealousy & Envy Refresher that Eric Davis writes for The Cripplegate is, if I may be so blunt, convicting. But then, conviction leads to repentance, and that’s always a good thing.

Elizabeth Prata reaches back to July 2013 to make an encore presentation of What the Bible says about Dreamers in The End Time. If you find yourself considering the idea than God speaks to believers in visions and dreams routinely, I beg you to read this carefully documented blog post. Elizabeth faithfully draws from Scripture to make her case against trusting in mystical experiences.

Complimenting Elizabeth’s essay, Parking Space 23 runs The Holy Spirit & the ‘Ordinary’ Christian Life by Zach Putthoff. He emphasizes what the Holy Spirit actually does in the lives of believers.

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Remember Who The Victims Are

Inexhaustible Bible

False teachers and false teaching should, by all the means, make Christians angry! If we love the Word of God, we will naturally hate anything that comes against it. And such animosity comes out of a pure love for Christ and His people.

Did you notice the clause, “and His people”? I didn’t put that there simply for rhetorical value. Loving the people of Christ encompasses many things, one of which is wanting them to reject false teaching in favor of doctrinal purity. It follows that we should approach victims of false teaching just that — victims.

Sometimes we forget that most of the people who fall victim to these theological aberrations honestly believe they follow the Lord. Some are even Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: The Negation Of Reason By Sensuous Minds

Originally published September 29, 2017

49575-before2bthe2bcrossThrough a variety of circumstances, I’ve recently been exposed to young women in the Millennial generation. With one notable exception, I don’t really like what I see. The irresponsibility and self-centeredness appalls and saddens me. This generation, from what I see, exchanges reason for experience and pragmatism, paying little attention to long-term ramifications of their decisions. They pay even less attention to how their behaviors affect others.

In short, they possess poor reasoning skills. As a result, they exercise poor judgment, and then cast themselves as innocent victims when they face the consequences of that poor judgment. Between the immediacy of social media and the indoctrination of liberal colleges and Hollywood, Millennials have never learned to think for themselves.

To be fair, those attitudes have definite roots in Continue reading

There’s Nothing Shameful About Crutches Or Wheelchairs

Image1I feel no shame for needing a wheelchair, nor should I. Instead, I feel gratitude that I live in a time and place that allows me to have a power wheelchair. My wheelchair helps me get around the apartment, travel between Adult Sunday School and church services, and roam around downtown Boston. Crutches and wheelchairs provide marvelous freedom to people who would otherwise be bedridden.

So I can’t help laughing when someone accuses me of using Jesus as an emotional crutch. During my high school years, people hurled that line at me quite a bit, always with the implication that I should be ashamed of leaning on Him. Such people proudly imagine that they don’t need the Lord — that they have all the psychological resources necessary to get through life.

Maybe so. But that outlook assumes that this life only has a material dimension and that nothing exists after death. It seems to me that it also requires Continue reading

When Someone Admits They’re Wrong

Colossians Wings

It’s been years since I’ve read Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. Call me silly, legalistic, prudish or whatever, but the magic and the cross-dressing in his comedies bother me. So, although I understand why Portia dresses as a man during the courtroom scene, I feel uncomfortable with it.

Today, however, I’ve been thinking about Shylock’s demand for a pound of flesh when Antonio defaulted on his loan. Despite offers to pay him back double the debt, Shylock resolutely demands the pound of flesh. Nothing else will satisfy him.

Shylock’s unmerciful attitude shocks us, though it really ought to expose our own unwillingness to extend mercy and forgiveness when someone apologizes to us. I know that I secretly enjoy Continue reading

Repeated Warnings Need Not Mean Repetition Is Mandated

Big WomanWas the article I wrote last Wednesday unbiblical?

One person who contacted me this weekend adamantly believes it was.

Of course, she initially objected to my harsh tone in the article. And I agree that I sinned in that regard. I admitted it to her, and I wrote an article yesterday dealing with that regard specific sin. As I see it, my harshness indeed did violate God’s Word tremendously, but my sin in that particular area didn’t seem to trouble her all that much.

With that issue resolved, she continued asserting that I had been unbiblical. She insisted my greatest infraction Continue reading