It’s Just One Of Those Days

Summit of Mount Tam

Although I’ve had an idea for a blog post simmering on the back burner for a few weeks, various considerations convince me to hold off a little longer before writing it. This understanding that I should wait a while is terribly inconvenient at the moment because I can’t think of anything else to write.

Daily blogging has its disadvantages.

As I’ve said several times, days like today make me miss my old blog, which was all about me. Most of the time, I ended up writing about the Lord, but Continue reading

Drinking From A Fire Hydrant Is Difficult, And It Could Drown People

Fire HydrantPopular false teachers give bloggers plenty of material to keep us busy. And when a false teacher has a Twitter account, he or she becomes the gift that keeps on giving.

I do understand the sense of urgency that compels people to call out these false teachers. Over the years, I’ve used this very blog for that purpose, and I certainly don’t rule out doing so again. As evangelicals grow more and more Biblically illiterate, false teachers gain greater power to spread their deception.

But in our urgency to warn our brothers and sisters against false teachers, we can stumble into a variety of pitfalls that could potentially undermine our message. For example, we could overload Continue reading

I’m Not Fond Of Seasonal Blog Posts

Thanksgiving is Thursday, and Advent is quickly following. As a Christian blogger, I feel a certain pressure (a gentle pressure, but a pressure nonetheless) to write about these celebrations. Yesterday, Thanksgiving came in handy, I’ll admit.  I didn’t have to spend hours Saturday afternoon scouring through YouTube for a hymn that interested me. A seasonal hymn really bailed me out!

But for the most part, I don’t get terribly excited about either reading or writing Thanksgiving and Advent articles. That’s particularly strange to me because I love the doctrine of the Incarnation.

People have given up trying to figure me out.

Seriously, I think there are two reasons this year that I feel a heightened aversion to Thanksgiving and Christmas articles. The first is Continue reading

Do We Really Need More Articles Exposing Beth Moore?

Martyrs Bible

Yesterday I wasted an hour slogging through a blog post promising more information about Beth Moore. It was, to my disappointment, only a badly written regurgitation of the same charges against her that Michelle Lesley, Elizabeth Prata and I have made for several years. The spelling errors made it miserable to read. Frankly, I should have found more productive uses for my time.

Much has been written about Beth Moore’s deviations from Biblical Christianity. Elizabeth Prata is probably the foremost authority on Moore, and offers a vast archive of carefully documented essays detailing various ways that Moore violates Scripture. If you seriously wish to research Beth Moore, Elizabeth certainly supplies more than enough material to educate you.

In that respect, it’s needless (and a bit silly) to write the sort of post that I bothered with yesterday. Nothing new came to light, and the poor quality of writing would only convince Beth Moore followers that the writer isn’t credible. Sadly, the writer added nothing noteworthy to the conversation.

And yet, many people Continue reading

Justin Peters Promotes The Outspoken TULIP And I Promptly Disappear

Just this past Saturday, as an appendix to his statement on why he left Twitter, he graciously directed women to my little blog. I appreciated his promotion, and looked forward to writing the article I had planned for that following Monday.

A funny thing happened that Sunday. My supposed cold started acting more like a serious illness. I couldn’t eat saltine crackers without nausea. I’m not a doctor and I don’t even play one on TV, but I don’t believe colds generally behave like that. So, as much as I hate the local hospital (our fire department EMTs aren’t allowed to transport patients to Massachusetts General Hospital), I asked John to call 9-1-1.

Two  girlfriends from church met me at the Emergency Room since John had no way to get there. Strange as it sounds, we were hoping for a diagnosis of pneumonia so that I could be sent home with antibiotics.

Milton Hospital

Selfie with my two girlfriends

Um, no. The x-rays showed that I have RSV. They admitted me immediately, and kept me until Tuesday afternoon. No chance of blogging those days!

Yesterday I couldn’t even consider putting my headstick on, so I set Youtube to auto play and watched several videos on the Ligonier channel. They reminded me what a tremendous teacher R.C.   Sproul was. And even more, what an amazing God we worship.

I won’t post a Saturday Sampler this week. Typing this notice is wearing me out, so I’ll probably do a Flashback Friday tomorrow. Yeah, kinda embarrassing after Justin Peters promoted my blog. But sometimes an Outspoken TULIP needs to be humbled, apparently. Hope to write to you next week.

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Do I Want A Popular Blog Or A Meaningful Blog?

Unpopular Bible Study

This week has been a blogger’s dream come true, thanks to John MacArthur and Beth Moore. Can I admit that I’m glad to have just over 500 followers on WordPress and over 270 followers on Bloglovin? I’m not sure how many people follow The Outspoken TULIP Facebook page, nor do I know how many follow through Twitter.

I do know, however, that every time I write about Beth Moore, my stats skyrocket. If I add John MacArthur to the mix, I can count on perpetual views.  Readers crave articles about these two public figures.

In one respect, I’m glad so many women flock to my posts about Beth Moore. I firmly believe she’s one of the most Continue reading