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Saturday Sampler: April 16 — April 22

Blend SamplerHave you been following Leslie A’s excellent series on developing discernment on her Growing 4 Life blog? Even if you haven’t, Learn to Discern: Preparing Your Heart and Mind is very much worth your time and attention. She lays a Biblical foundation for cultivating discernment.

Jennifer at One Hired Late In The Day writes Jen Hatmaker, the ‘Christian Machine’, and Genuine Orthodox Christianity in response to Hatmaker’s Good Friday post comparing the backlash to her support of same sex marriage to Christ’s sufferings on the cross. Please,  Ms. Hatmaker,  grow up!

Michelle Lesley has a passion for teaching women how to study the Bible for themselves. Her article, Bible Book Backgrounds: Why You Need Them and Where to Find Them, provides an excellent resource for studying God’s Word.

I so appreciate Rebekah Womble of Wise In His Eyes for her balanced and Biblical perspective in Beware the Lies of Emotionalism. Our culture has wrongly influenced the visible church that feelings, rather than God’s Word, lead us into a right relationship with the Lord.

Writing for Parking Space 23, Allen Cagle encourages church music leaders to ask, Should We Sing That Song? Those of us in the pews might also benefit from these guidelines for evaluating worship music.

The newest trend in evangelical circles exalts “authenticity” and “brokenness.” As Joe Carter of The Gospel Coalition Blog says in his piece, Beware of Broken Wolves, false teachers often use these postures as a means of spreading deceit to the rest of Christ’s Body.


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Saturday Sampler: October 30 — November 5

Tulip Sampler 02Get comfortable, because Gary Giley’s Discernment and Revelation on the Southern View Chapel website takes time to read. But if you want to understand why people like me believe that the Holy Spirit speaks exclusively through Scripture, you’ll find comprehensive and compelling evidence for our position in this article. Make time to read it, please.

In honor of Reformation Day, Sharon LaRue of Chapter 3 Ministries invites Protestants and Catholics alike to study Reformation Day and the Doctrine of Justification. Its wonderful that Sharon’s health allowed her to blog for this important occasion.

I don’t know if reading The Woman in the Wheelchair Who Thought She Could Not Be Saved by Jordan Standridge on The Cripplegate makes me sad or angry. Both, I think. But it also  makes me grateful for the Reformation, which restored the Bible’s teaching that Christians are justified by faith, not works on penance. Whatever caused that woman’s disability didn’t cripple her nearly as much as the damnable teachings of the Roman Catholic Church!

Rosaria Butterfield became a Christian in 1999. Her conversion cost her a prestigious  academic position as a professor of English Literature and Women’s Studies, and it also convinced her to renounce her lesbian lifestyle and prominent position as an LBGTQ activist. Her background lends power to her recent piece in The Gospel Coalition Blog, Love Your Neighbor Enough to Speak Truth: A Response to Jen Hatmaker.

Adding to the Jen Hatmaker conversation, Denny Burk writes, Yes, let’s remember who’s watching this conversation. Are we really going to manifest a compromised caricature of “Christianity” for the sake of political correctness?

Writing for She Disciples, Kim Wine offers insight into Why You’re Not Changing Even Though You’re a Christian. I appreciate Kim for basing her practical counsel firmly in the Word of God.

In his article, 10 Reasons Why the Reformation is Not Over, Josh Buice of Delivered by Grace encourages us to persevere in preaching the Gospel. I completely agree! As long as professing Christians distort the Gospel and propagate false teaching, the true Church will need to continually reform herself.

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