Comment Policy

Please don’t hesitate to comment on my posts, even if you disagree with something I say. Interaction brings life to a blog. And very often, your comments and questions can give me ideas for future articles. Hearing from you can therefore be invaluable.

That said, I want to offer guidelines for submitting comments. Violation of these guidelines will result in me declining to approve your comment.

  • Limit yourself to a maximum of 150 words. If you need to say more, consider starting your own blog.
  • Remember that not everything is of first level importance. Christians can disagree on a number of things and still accept each other as Christians.
  • Be courteous. Even if you determine that I deserve a rebuke, treat me as you would want me to treat you.
  • Substantiate your arguments by using Scripture in context and properly applied.
  • Don’t defend false teachers or erroneous practices.
  • Don’t use comment threads as forums for debate. If you want to debate, open a Twitter account and knock yourself out.
  • Be careful to write in a way that honors the Lord. He holds me accountable for what I write, but He also holds you accountable.

I look forward to hearing from you!