Statement Of Faith

  1. Ladies Study 01The Bible, authored by men under the inspiration and guidance of the Holy Spirit, is miraculously God’s Word, infallible and inerrant in its original languages. Through it, God reveals Himself, showing the incredible and wonderful grace He offers through Jesus Christ.
  2. God is sovereign. He orders everything (including sin and evil) to accomplish His purposes.
  3. God exists in three Persons–Father, Son and Holy Spirit Each is equal in Deity, but unique in His function (or role). While existing in three Persons, however, God is One. He is the only true God, Creator of all but Himself.
  4. God is separate from His creation, and therefore holy. No impurity can enter His presence. He will not tolerate sin in any form, nor will He lead anyone into evil. He hates all deception, prizing truth.
  5. God is sovereign. He works all things (even evil) to His purposes, always maintaining complete control. Yet, for this present time, He allows demons and humans to rebel against Him…again turning our rebellion to His ultimate glory.
  6. Man (the generic term) was created innocent, enjoying perfect fellowship with God. This fellowship broke as a result of disobedience, and as a result all men and women are inherently sinners. Therefore, we are, by nature and by choice, separated from Him. We are dead in sin, unable to atone for our sin.
  7. Jesus Christ, God the Son, came to earth as a fully human being, born to a virgin. He preached repentance, love and holiness, while He led a sinless life. Because He  correctly claimed to be God, the Jewish leaders convinced Roman authorities to crucify Him as a rival to Caesar.
  8. In shedding His blood on the cross and dying, Jesus bore the Father’s wrath and accepted the punishment for man’s sin, thus opening the way for Man to have restored fellowship with God. After three days, He rose from the grave in a glorified body, signifying that His Father accepted His sacrifice as complete atonement for Man’s sin.
  9. Through faith in Jesus, which expresses itself in repentance and obedience, Man can be restored to fellowship with God. The Holy Spirit gives the individual the ability to believe, repent and obey. Salvation is a sovereign work of each Person of the Trinity, and Man cannot contribute anything to it.
  10. Jesus will return at the end of human history, consigning those who reject Him to spend eternity in hell, but taking  His true Church to heaven as His beloved Bride!
  11. My life now prepares me for eternity with Him. May He use this blog to draw others to Him.

For a more complete Statement Of Faith that includes Scripture references, please visit the Doctrinal Statement of my home church, First Baptist Church of Weymouth, MA.

6 thoughts on “Statement Of Faith

  1. Hi,
    I discovered your website while watching a Justin Peters sermon…..I have a couple of questions for you. With church being closed due to COVID-19 and me recently being introduced to Calvinism, I don’t really have a pastor to speak to. Since learning about Calvinism, I also stopped attending the church I was going to for the last 15 years because I wanted to find one that believes in this theology and while in the process of church shopping, this pandemic happened. So before I ask my question, I need to tell you first that I come from a family of believers, but of course, the foundation was Catholic, and my parents are still attending a Catholic church…..I have heard John MacArthur say once that a Catholic cannot be saved (and, of course, you know why) my parents don’t practice confessions or penance etc & they don’t even understand it, it was just the church they fell into growing up in their own families….the one thing my Mom did was keep saint cards and cards of Mary under her pillow for years and she used her rosary while praying. I just recently got her to throw all of that stuff away after explaining over & over again over the last year or so how dangerous it was and how it defiles GOD…..although they are still insisting on attending mass because they don’t know where else they could go… my first question is: What would you say to this matter?

    This pertains to my second question: I have a sister in the faith, I believe she attends a non-denomination church. She recently introduced me to a ministry called Wellsprings of Freedom International and a book called “Gentle Authority” by Tim Howard & Brian Burke…….It’s a ministry and book basically teaching on spiritual warfare for demonic bondage and they quote scripture throughout the New Testament where Jesus is rebuking demons and they basically teach people to do the same for healing purposes because they basically teach that all humans have demonic bondage of some kind because we live in a sinful world…Now I know that Calvinists are also Cessationists and so my second question is : Is this treading on some sort of non-doctrinal ground here?….because once again, I have heard MacArthur, & even Justin Peters, along with a few others, talk about being deceived by people who teach or perform healing or the casting out of demons but I’m not sure if this ministry is about that. My sister has said that it is more about praying over people in the area of demonic possession and bondage…

    Can you please give me your input on these matters? It would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to practice discernment and I know we should go to the Word for that, but there are a lot of things that I just don’t understand.

    Thanks So Much,
    Lynn Wiese


    • Hello Lynn. Thank you for trusting me with your questions. Forgive the brevity of my answers, but my back is still healing and so I’m in bed a few days a week — I can only use my computer when I’m in my wheelchair.

      You’ve been faithful to present the truth to your mom. As long as she’s open to discuss the Bible and how Catholicism violates it, continue taking advantage of opportunities. But remember that you’re only the messenger. How she responds is ultimately between her and the Holy Spirit. Keep praying. And when you find a church, maybe she’ll visit.

      As I thought about your friend, I remembered a book called Truth or Territory by Jim Osman and Justin Peters. It’s available on Amazon Day on both hard copy and Kindle. Hopefully you could share it with your friend, and show her what spiritual warfare really is. Also check my blog archives for articles on spiritual warfare.

      Hope this response helps. If other readers want to chime in, that would be great!


  2. Hello Deb

    Justin mention you in one of his videos I thought I would check out your page. I can always use spiritual guidance and accountability. I agree and stand with everything in your statement of faith. I’m looking forward to seeing your page. God bless you and thank you for your ministry


    • Welcome to The Outspoken TULIP, Valerie! I pray the Lord will use some of my articles to grow your faith.

      Justin Peters has certainly directed a lot of women to my little blog — I appreciate his support.


  3. I have a Theological question for you. I have been watching the debates between James White and the Catholic representatives. They have a doctrine of Immaculate Conception which says that Mary was born without sin. Makes no sense to me but… Reformers and Christians have the doctrine of the Hypostatic Union. Christ’s two natures, human and Divine. He got the human part from his Mother and the Divine part from the Holy Spirit. Christ was sinless. He was tempted in all ways as we are but He sinned not. Now, my question is this: Do these two Doctrines cancel each other out? How could He be able to sin with a perfect Mother?


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