How To Support This Blogger

Profile Pic 2017The Outspoken TULIP exists to honor the Lord Jesus Christ and serve my sisters in Christ. It’s my pleasure to offer this blog freely. Please be assured that I do not wish to place anyone under a sense of obligation.

Being on Social Security Disability, I’m not allowed to earn a regular income. I may, however, receive occasional modest gifts (nothing over $50). Such gifts would allow me to finance The Outspoken TULIP, help John with household expenses and supplement my discretionary spending allowance.

If this blog ministers to you, would you consider sending a small gift through PayPal? Any gift would be enormously appreciated and carefully stewarded.

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If you’d prefer to be more creative, you might peruse my Amazon Wish List. This list mostly concentrates on ebooks related to the topics I cover in The Outspoken TULIP (though I occasionally include recreational reading). Use DebbieLynne_7ATyahooDOTcom as the email, replacing AT and DOT with their corresponding symbols. Amazon gift cards would also help, especially with monthly health supplies that I regularly buy from Amazon.

Or support The Outspoken TULIP by praying that its content will honor the Lord Jesus Christ. I am profoundly grateful for any support you might offer. God bless you.