Bette Davis Only Knew Part Of It

As we saw yesterday, Christians worship an infinite God. He confines us to His Word (although that Word has a depth and breadth that none of us could begin to exhaust), yet He remains far greater than anything our feeble little brains could possibly imagine. Rarely do I reflect on my insignificance in comparison to His greatness.

I caught a glimpse of my self-aggrandizement the other night while watching, of all things, a biographical film about legendary actress Bette Davis. The film opened with a story of Davis’ father showing her a  vast night sky, littered with countless stars, as he counseled her to always remember her smallness in comparison to the universe. Though far from being a Christian, and though known throughout Hollywood as a diva, Miss Davis took her father’s words to heart.

The story reminded me of Psalm 8:3-4:

When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers,
    the moon and the stars, which you have set in place,
what is man that you are mindful of him,
    and the son of man that you care for him? (ESV)

I wish Bette Davis had balanced her awareness of her insignificance with an understanding of God’s greatness. How terribly sad that she missed the privilege of praising her Creator, knowing His incredible love for her. If only the humility her father taught her had ushered her into adoration of Him!

As Christians who know how Scripture describes our Sovereign Lord, we ought to be filled with awe and humility at the thought that He would even notice us. Yet we 21st Century evangelicals often treat Him as if He was our personal slave, demanding that He arrange His very existence around our felt needs. We adopt humanistic inventions like psychology and Word of Faith theology to elevate ourselves, forgetting that He created us for His pleasure.

We need to step back and behold Christ, the mighty Lord of lords who loved His rebellious creation so passionately that He shed His blood to bear the penalty for our sin. We should shake our heads in wonder that our Creator would assign us such value, especially as we consider how minuscule we are in contrast to Him! Such thoughts should propel us into worship, so that we offer ourselves  to Him as His adoring servants.

As we prepare for worship tomorrow, let’s think about God’s majesty. Perhaps the late Keith Green’s rendition of Psalm 8 will help us adjust our hearts to exalt Him. As you listen, I pray that you’ll marvel at His greatness, and even more at His generosity in giving you significance.

One thought on “Bette Davis Only Knew Part Of It

  1. Thank you for this post and the link to this most edifying song. Haven’t listened to Keith Green for a long time. Your previous post about putting God in a box was excellent. I am emotionally exhausted due to spiritual abuse, thus have no true church to worship in and also my marriage has been destroyed due to lack of repentance. No true friends; thankfully I have the Lord but it is still very lonely at times; don’t know who I can trust.:-(


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