With Sadness And Joy: A Tribute To R.C. Sproul

R.C. Sproul
Photo from Ligonier Twitter page

During the weeks that our Bible Study leader would be absent, our group watched R.C. Sproul’s Holiness of God video series.  Since our teacher would return on the last week of the series, we decided to welcome him back with a practical joke. So we substituted my mom’s Dancing Grannies exercise video for the Sproul video.

After getting a good laugh, we of course switched back to the correct video.

Sadly, I don’t remember anything else about viewing the series, though I have vague recollections of writing about it in my journal. What a shame!

Roughly twenty years passed before my next introduction to Dr. Sproul. It’s hard to be involved in Reformed Theology without encountering Sproul, particularly on YouTube. This past year’s celebration of the Protestant Reformation’s 500th anniversary made his Internet presence even more prominent. If ever a person embraced the Reformation and all it stood for, it was R.C. Sproul.

Perhaps we don’t appreciate a person’s impact on us until they’re gone. That’s one of the many perversities of fallen human nature, I suppose. But, although I didn’t follow Sproul as closely as other people have,  I can’t help feeling a sense of loss. Christianity lost one of its most articulate and powerful voices yesterday, and the  vacuum looms large.

Yet I also feel joyful. In the past few years I’ve watched R.C. Sproul decline physically. Despite his ever present humor (especially in the company of John MacArthur), his deterioration was obvious. As John and I followed the prayer requests that Ligonier put out on their blog and Twitter, I couldn’t help praying that God would mercifully take him Home. I praise the Lord that Sproul’s physical suffering has ended.

But even more than that, I rejoice that Dr. Sproul is with the Lord he served so faithfully and loves so passionately. We have no idea of the wonder he’s experiencing right now. But he beholds the beautiful face of Jesus, and sees the reality of everything he taught. Indeed, R.C. Sproul finally sees the holiness of God.

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