Saturday Sampler: December 15 — December 21

Christmas Ornament

I’ve had the privilege of interacting with Stephen J. Melniszyn on Twitter and Facebook for two or three years, so I’m delighted that he recently started blogging at Vox Scriptura Vox Dei. His review of American Gospel: Christ Crucified deserves your attention. It definitely makes me eager to watch the documentary!

As usual, Michelle Lesley uses Scripture and wisdom in The Mailbag: “X-mas”? If you’re prepared to judge Christians who write X-mas on boxes that store their Christmas decorations, her article might give you a perspective to ponder.

Take a break and enjoy The Christmas Ornaments (Part 4) by Leslie A of Growing 4 Life. If you haven’t been following this short story, Leslie provides a link to the other installments in her introductory paragraph.

When we returned to Verizion last year, they included a year of Netflix streaming at no extra charge. I was disappointed. Although I still have no desire to renew our subscription in February, Hey Christian: Don’t Be Tempted to Cancel Your Netflix Account gives me something to think about. I don’t entirely agree with McAlpine, and I believe Christians should seriously question whether or not subscribing to Netflix really honors the Lord, but this post certainly offers a perspective worthy of consideration. It doesn’t change my mind, but it makes me think through my position.

Coming against the post-modern idea that we should never feel shame, Denny Burk exhorts us to Remember Your Chains as forgiven Christians. If you’ve never looked at your past sins from this angle, you might be surprised by how encouraging shame can actually be!

Writing in For The Church, Andreas Köstenberger answers the question What is Biblical Theology? This article offers three practical guidelines for interpreting Scripture. HT to Tim Challies for this one.

I certainly relate to Lori Antoinette’s conviction in Every Word I Speak, posted in Theology is Living. Having recently sinned with my words, I well understand her sleepless night as the Holy Spirit worked in her spirit. I also love her ability to find comfort in the situation. I won’t tell you how He comforted her, though — you’ll need to read it for yourself.

Because I belong to a Southern Baptist Church, A Review of By What Standard by Allen Nelson IV caught my attention when the Things Above Us notification hit my inbox. As he says, even people outside of our denomination can benefit from viewing this cinedoc. The trends it warns against threaten all evangelical churches.

Just for fun, laugh with Michelle Lesley as she reprises (and updates) Oh Christmas Tree!!! to narrate her 2013 battle to decorate for the holiday. I promise that you’ll laugh out loud at least once!

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