Saturday Sampler: January 26 — February 1


Tom shares important thoughts on The “untimely” death of Kobe Bryant in excatholic4christ. I’m not a basketball fan, and Bryant means little to me, but I believe Tom’s commentary warrants careful attention.

Discernment IS Love Michelle Lesley explains to a reader who recently objected to one of her articles. Certainly, some online “discernment” ministries are unloving, casting a bad reflection on legitimate discernment ministries. But their sin shouldn’t cause anyone to judge bloggers like Michelle as being unloving. Consider the points she makes as she shows her reader the ways that discernment demonstrates godly love.

Christians all seek revival. Trouble is, we have different definitions of revival. Allen S. Nelson IV writes Evidences of True Revival for Things Above Us to help us understand the marks of revival that comes from the Holy Spirit.

As a senior saint, I praise God to be in a church that allows me to actively serve. Not all churches show their elderly members such respect, as Josh Buice demonstrates in Dear Church — Don’t Overlook and Undervalue the Elderly for his Delivered By Grace blog. I have been in a church that openly admitted that they want more young people with larger disposable incomes. Josh addresses such pragmatic attitudes.

HT to Elizabeth Prata for recommending Little Things Matter Too by Peter Bogart of For Younger Pastors. It’s an amusing little piece that’s extremely well-written. It also has an unexpected ending. You might want to read it before your next shopping trip.

As long as I’m tipping my hat, I’ll give a HT to Tim Challies for What Apostates Don’t Say by Eric Raymond. Appearing in For The Church, this post offers an intriguing insight into people who have walked away from Christianity. It also offers wonderful advice on how to keep ourselves from falling into apostasy. Truly a beautiful article!

Appearing in The Cripplegate, Jesse Johnson’s Virginia and the lie at the heart of the pro-choice movement unveils a chilling truth. Though you won’t find any pleasure in reading this post, you need this information.

You will,  however, be reminded of the joy in the Gospel as you read God, Guilt and Then What? J.K. Wall writes this blog post for Gentle Reformation after reading a Danish novel entitled Lucky Pers. Wall doesn’t tell us anything new, but he does turn us back in to the glorious Good News that we so easily forget.

SlimJim of The Domain for Truth challenges us with Quick Thoughts: End Times and the Christian Life Now. Eschatology  definitely demands the hard work of prayer and study, but we need to keep looking forward to the Lord’s return.

In Ladies, here is how to be precious in His sight, The End Time author Elizabeth Prata chronicles the development of so-called Christian feminism and explains why it contradicts Biblical womanhood.  With increasing pressure to embrace the idea of women in the pulpit,  it’s refreshing to see women like Elizabeth holding fast to God’s Word.

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