I Needed A Snappy Title

Getting up Sunday morning, my back went out again. Yup, I probably fractured it, so I’m once again on bed rest for awhile. I needed a snappy title to reflect snapping my back bone a third time. I appreciate John for typing this on his laptop as I dictate to him. I’m not sure if I will dictate a few short blogs in the next month — maybe if I’m a good girl, John will agree to type for me.

The first time I had fractures, I told people that I injured myself skydiving. Last year, my story was that John made me carry him up three flights of stairs. This time, I struggled to come up with an outlandish explanation for my injury, but finally settled on snowboarding. You gotta have fun with these injuries!

This time around, the Lord is helping me pray in an orderly fashion. Normally I need to be at my computer where I can use my prayer lists in order to keep focused. But the Lord has given me inexplicable grace to pray through my list from memory yesterday and today. I cannot express the encouragement I feel at keeping up my communication with Him in this way.

Although I am not able to read my Bible, I have been watching Seed Family Worship videos on Youtube. These videos are a great Bible memorization tool for kids, and maybe for old ladies like me. At least it’s a way of getting a little Bible intake. I also intend to watch Sons of Korah videos on Youtube, since they put Psalms to music.

John and I wish each of you a merry Christmas filled with the wonder of God Incarnate. I look forward to blogging early in the new year.

4 thoughts on “I Needed A Snappy Title

  1. So encouraging to hear that the Lord, in His never-ending lovingkindness, blessed your memory in this way..

    I’m very sorry to hear of your fracture. I pray the Lord will heel you quickly! Merry Christmas.


  2. Dear sister, i will be praying for you and John. I am a pretty new believer (it’s been two years since I was saved). I would like to share with you that as a woman in my 30s your blog has been a huge encouragement. In a world where most of the information found is not accurate, it has been a blessing to come across your site. Wishing you and John a Merry Christmas!

    P.s- currently checking out Seed Family Worship as a memoraztion tool since it’s something that I’ve been struggling with


  3. Thinking of you. Hope your feeling better and the Lord restores you to us soon. Praying for you both! PS you might like “Melodically Memorizing” channel on YouTube

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