Saturday Sampler: January 23 — January 29

Some warnings must be repeated. When romantic feelings are involved, warnings can’t come often enough! Melissa, who authors Your Mom Has a Blog, thinks of her daughters as she writes Don’t Date That Guy. I like her perspective on how even that first date can lead a woman into a heartbreaking marriage.

Although a few “discernment bloggers” name names because they secretly enjoy tearing people down, most of them write reluctantly and with sorrow. In Growing 4 Life this week, Leslie A shares Lauren Daigle: A Biblical Evaluation, which her daughter Jess wrote on Instagram recently. Leslie introduces the post with wise counsel on dealing with Contemporary Christian Music, and Jess demonstrates the many problems specific to Lauren Daigle. If you or your teenage children follow this artist, I strongly urge you to examine what Jess has learned.

Denny Burk examines Complementarianism as a Second Order Doctrine in response to a recent firestorm on social media. He explains the relationship between egalitarianism and an erosion of confidence in the inerrancy of the Bible to demonstrate why we dare not see this debate as inconsequential to Christian orthodoxy.

In his post for the Grace to You Blog, Cameon Buettel sorts through a few well-known evangelical cliches, such as Ask Jesus Into Your Heart. How Biblical are these sayings? What do they imply about Who Jesus is and who we are in relation to Him? This article answers those questions from a Scriptural perspective.

That episode of Rachel trading a night with Jacob in exchange for Leah’s mandrakes has always puzzled me. So Elizabeth Prata’s essay in The End Time really clarifies the account. If you scratch your head over this incident, checked out ‘I want those mandrakes’, Rachel said. So what are mandrakes? Hopefully it will increase your understanding of Rachel’s actions.

Are you genuinely saved? Pass/Fail by Michelle Lesley takes you through a Scriptural check list that John MacArthur compiled. It’s always good to examine yourself.

Playing off Satan’s infamous question in Job, George Alverez asks Do We Fear God For Nothing? in a post for Things Above Us. Reading his piece is challenging, both intellectually and spiritually, providing a few “ouch” moments. Yet his conclusion reveals just how important those “ouch” moments will be in the coming days. Believe me, you really need to read this one!

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