Saturday Sampler: May 15 — May 21

Paul Tautgus begins our week’s collection with You Were Chosen by the Father in Counseling One Another. His brief study of Ephesians 1:14 is so much more than an academic exercise in theology, however, and it most assuredly isn’t dry! The closing paragraph brings it all home in an encouraging and uplifting way.

Don’t miss The Center of the Universe by Clint Archer in The Cripplegate. He continues his series on Christ’s nature and deity with amazing examples. As last week, this installment not only provides solid theology, but it inspires awe and worship of our wonderful Lord!

How do you know you can trust what I write in this blog? Hopefully, you check it against Scripture. In her essay, Paul: What does it mean to be a Berean?, Elizabeth Prata of The End Time takes us back to the account of Paul’s ministry in Berea to show us how the people there verified his preaching. It’s great instruction on how we should filter whatever teaching we encounter.

Reprising an article from June 22, 2018, Michelle Lesley wants to know: Is the SBC’s Tent Big Enough for ALL Marginalized Christian Women? I understand that not all my readers are Southern Baptists, but the problems she outlines here extend to other denominations and even non-denominatial churches. The women Michelle references indeed suffer marginalization. Will churches and denominations listen to the concerns we have?

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