Saturday Sampler: February 12 — February 18

In Why Modern Dating Is So Difficult, Tim Challies walks us through several changes in Western culture that influence even Christian singles. Pastors, parents and older Christians who mentor singles need to understand these pressures even as we stand firm on Scripture and God’s design for human sexuality.

For far too many years, I subscribed to Christianity Today magazine. But about 25 years ago I began understanding that it had a liberal bent — both politically and theologically. Evidently it’s grown worse since I’ve stopped reading it. Pastor Gabriel Hughes, writing in The Majesty’s Men, confirms this suspicion in What Does Christianity Today Believe the Bible Says About LBGTQ? While I don’t think I should accept everything Pastor Gabe alleges in this piece, I love his example of loving and respectful confrontation. For that reason, I’m sharing his post here.

Are any of you ladies skilled at photo editing? If so, Michelle Lesley is launching her New Bible Study Kickoff and Title Pic Contest for this spring. I’m considering giving it a try. If any of you have such inclinations, perhaps you might enjoy the creative challenge. The upcoming study on learning discernment from the book of Job sounds intriguing too!

Tom, at excatholic4christ, takes us into a little art history to discuss A Revealing anti-Protestant sculpture in the heart of Rome. Did I cut my Baroque art history class in college the day my professor went over that sculpture (I actually did cut that class a lot) or did its meaning go right over my head? Either way, I appreciate Tom’s analysis of it, and grieve that the Roman Catholic Church took such a violent view of the Reformers.

What do Cake and Truth have in common? If I answer that question, you might not read Leslie A’s Growing 4 Life blog post. And I really don’t want you to miss out on her wisdom!

A lot of talk online has been going on about about the supposed revival at Asbury University in Kentucky, with the usual heated opinions on both sides. Jordan Standrige, in The Cripplegate, writes Why It’s Good to be Skeptical of the Asbury Revival in an effort to encourage careful evaluation of this event. He never denies that God could be doing a genuine work at the campus, but he raises some important questions that we all should be asking. And he demonstrates why Christians should exercise some skepticism when things of this nature occur.

In his post for the G3 Ministries Blog, Nathaniel Jolly asks What’s the Big Deal About False Teachers? Of course, he answers that question, using the epistle of Jude to explain the devastating effects of of false teachers on Christians. He closes (still drawing from Jude) by listing three ways of ministering to people who have been influenced by false teachers. Even if you feel educated on this topic, I strongly urge you to read this piece as a refresher course.

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