Saturday Sampler: April 2 — April 8

In a short devotional, Blake Long of Theology & Life leads us to Proof of God’s Love by explaining whom God loves and the beautifully personal nature of His love. See Blake’s other Holy Week devotionals while you’re on his website.

The Crucifixion Stories Are Embarrassing, and That’s a Good Thing claims Robby Lashua on the Stand To Reason blog. He takes us through some lowlights of that terrible experience, showing us how the weaknesses of the men involved actually strengthen the case for the authenticity of the Bible.

Mike Ratliff translates a passage from Ephesians, and from there meditates on one often overlooked phrase. He seated us in the Heavenlies with Christ beautifully explains an aspect of salvation that we don’t notice enough. Mike blogs at :Possessing the Treasure, where he sometimes makes his own careful translation from the Greek New Testament. His studies, while requiring us to do a little work, invariably give us more insight into God’s Word.

A former member of of the LBGTQ community writes Why I no longer use Transgender Pronouns — and Why You shouldn’t either for the Reformation 21 blog. Her piece demonstrates her repentance for acquiescence to public pressure, therefore encouraging us to stand on the authority of Scripture. Please consider her thoughtful arguments as we face increasing demands to compromise truth.

In preparation for Resurrection Sunday, Leslie A shares lessons she’s gleaned from reading Mark 14. This post, On the Way to the Cross isn’t a typical Growing 4 Life article, but Leslie’s thoughts will challenge and encourage you. And it’s a magnificent prelude to tomorrow’s celebration.

Elizabeth Prata gives us a different perspective on what it means to Surrender to Christ in an essay for The End Time. If I say much about it, I’ll steal her thunder and you won’t read it. So I’ll just say that this is a gem that you really shouldn’t miss.

If the message of the cross seems overly familiar to you, a meditation on Isaiah 53 as a prophecy of Christ’s death might help. Thankfully, Michelle Lesley shares her own meditation on this magnificent chapter in Christ – the Suffering Servant to develop our understanding of everything Christ did on the cross. Set aside some time to read her beautiful devotional in honor of Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday. I promise you – you won’t regret doing so.

Some mistakes can’t be smoothed over by a shrug and an apologetic “Oops!” Getting the details wrong can have extremely serious consequences. SlimJim has a post inThe Domain for Truth based on a shocking blunder in Boston Wednesday night. Sermon Illustration #85: Doctrinal Details Matter and FBI busted into the wrong hotel room during a training exercise and held a Delta pilot handcuffed uses this news story as a springboard for evangelism.

Even though Good Friday has passed, don’t ignore Good Friday and the Lamb of God by Robb Brunansky in The Cripplegate. He uses Isaiah 53:7 to show how Jesus indeed served as the Lamb of God that Isaiah prophesied 700 years earlier. The writing alone is exquisite, but the message behind the writing is far more wonderful.

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