If I Don’t Take A Break, My Bones Might

Flourishes03Apparently, the cardinal rule for successful blogging is consistency. Establish a schedule, blogging experts advise, and stick to it. That shows your readers that they can depend on you. And, for the most part, I agree with this advice. Bloggers do have a responsibility to deliver consistent content when readers expect to receive it, if only as a matter of courtesy.

Although I ignore a lot of blogging rules (and do so without apology), I do try to blog daily. Additionally, I try to always post Saturday Samplers and Sunday Hymns. I know my little blog will never generate a large following, and I don’t believe any Christian blogger ought to judge his or her success by numbers,  but I definitely believe the Lord calls me to minister faithfully through my blogging.

Faithfulness includes consistency, does it not? In some respects, those two qualities are interchangeable. Faithfulness implies consistent behavior; a faithful person shows reliability that doesn’t waver in the face of circumstances or fickle mood changes. Faithfulness carries out duties cheerfully, not wanting to disappoint those who trust. Therefore,  it does its best to remain consistent as it honors the Lord by serving His people.

I had planned to take tomorrow off from blogging in order to have a date with my husband. Maybe I would have scheduled a short post to appear. Maybe I would have just figured that missing one day wouldn’t matter — regular readers know that summer months mean days off for medical appointments and/or excursions into Boston.

We indeed will go to Boston tomorrow — it will be our first purely recreational outing since early October, and we need it! We’ll have lunch at Kinsale’s Irish Pub (I can already taste the bangers and mash!), have puppy therapy courtesy of the animal rescue group that visits City Hall Plaza on Wednesdays and have ice cream either at Ghiradelli’s in Quincy Market or at a Cookie Monstah food truck on the Greenway.

I desperately want this fun day before I do at least three days of bedrest. The area I fractured in December has started bothering me again, so I think getting out of the wheelchair for a few days should help.

So I won’t post again till next Monday at the earliest. I need to get pressure off this hip before things get serious. I won’t do Saturday Sampler or a Sunday Hymn. I apologize if my absence disappoints any of you, but hopefully it will prevent an even longer absence later on. Anyway, I wanted to be faithful enough to let you know.

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2 thoughts on “If I Don’t Take A Break, My Bones Might

  1. I’m praying that the two of you have a wonderful day together! My husband and I honeymooned in Boston 29 years ago this week, and we Texans were amazed by the crazy driving and impressed by the scenery and history!


  2. Debbie,
    We look forward to your return on Monday, refreshed, rested and hearing all about Boston!


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