Pride, Arrogance And The Seduction Of Western Culture


Approaching the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, Americans unabashedly celebrate Gay Pride Month. Boston has Rainbow flags everywhere; somehow I doubt its display is very different from most major cities. The way that Western culture champions the LBGTQ movement now makes it hard to believe that homosexuality was illegal just 50 years ago.

Although I don’t believe homosexuality should still incur criminal penalties, I do grieve that even professing Christians now embrace it. Bowing to public pressure, even evangelicals have begun compromising their convictions that the Word of God condemns all forms of sexual deviation. After all, merely saying that God created sex to be enjoyed exclusively in a marriage between one man and one woman can get you labeled a bigot. Worse penalties loom in the not-too-distant future. Gay Pride promises to crush anyone or anything that calls the LBGTQ agenda into question.

The Obergefell decision of 2015 has not only increased favorable support of the LBGTQ movement, but it has resulted in legal challenges to Christians who refuse to participate in same sex weddings. Media increasingly inundates us even with children’s programs containing storylines that cause us to cheer for homosexual characters. The LBGTQ community demands complete affirmation from the rest of society, using coercion on those of us who won’t succumb to persuasion.

Gay Pride has morphed into arrogance.

A friend once said, “If we give them same sex marriage, they won’t have any more reason to be angry.” Yet I see more aggression since Obergefell than I ever saw before the decision. Having the legal right to marry isn’t enough — they must have universal applause as well!

Ironically, pride is an even more devilish sin than homosexuality. So taking pride in something that turns God’s design for human sexuality on its ear only exposes the arrogance of the LBGTQ movement. Their pride screams out their refusal to accept His plan, defiantly proclaiming their supposed right to have sex according to their preferences. Furthermore, their arrogance causes them to demand that Christians adjust the Bible’s teaching to accommodate their sin.

The LBGTQ community and its supporters hope to persuade culture gently, particularly through the media and public education. Having drag queens read stories to children in public libraries is calculated to convince children to accept all forms of sexual deviance as normal and good. Winning the children at an early age guarantees converting society within the next twenty years.

Older people, especially those in conservative churches, present more obstacles to the LBGTQ agenda. If we won’t  abandon Scripture’s teaching on human sexuality, we must be coerced. Christian bakers have already been forced out of business for not lending their creative talents to same sex weddings. I’m certain other incidents of forced compliance loom in our future. The LBGTQ movement will not tolerate any dissent!

Like the rest of society, God must bow to the Rainbow flag, it seems.

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3 thoughts on “Pride, Arrogance And The Seduction Of Western Culture

  1. We’re currently in a very conservative area, religiously and politically, and yet during the pride parade an unimaginably blasphemous float showed an image of Jesus participating in sinful sexual behavior. The truth is that there are many who love to show their hate towards God, and they have now been given a free pass to do so. I appreciate you addressing this, sister, as it is a very discouraging subject! I have a close family member in this sin. I appreciate your blog, and all the hard work you put into it. ❤️


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