Saturday Sampler: October 20 — October 26


Do you see yourself as a beggar? A writer for the Logos Blog writes What Luther’s Last Words Teach Us about Prayer to remind us of a basic premise in Scripture.

Please take heed of the warning about The Homosexual Tension In the Church Cannot Hold that Stephen McAlpine gives. The same problems he sees in Australia happen throughout western culture, and Christians must face the ramifications. I know it’s an unpleasant topic, but we dare not ignore it.

Whenever Leslie A publishes something in Growing 4 Life, I can pretty much count on being nurtured with good teaching. Read Three Mortal Enemies of Spiritual Growth to see her wise application of Biblical truth to daily life.

Zach Putthoff of Parking Space 23 offers wonderful encouragement in his post On Faith, Works, the Lordship of Christ, and Assurance. Don’t assume from the first few paragraphs that you know where his argument is going. I believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised by his conclusion.

Don’t miss A Restless Evil by The End Time proprietress Elizabeth Prata. And please, apply the Scriptures she shares to your keyboards as well as to your tongues.

In his article for Gentle Reformation, Richard Holdeman uses the opening chapters of Revelation to explain how Your Church is a Lampstand for God’s glory. His view is fascinating, and should help you appreciate your local church.

Thanks to Erin Benziger, Diane Severance’s post entitled Women of the Reformation: Anne Askew in Credo Magazine crossed my desk. Severance wonderfully shows God’s grace and power in standing firm on God’s Word, even though it meant martyrdom. Will we be as faithful to defend Biblical doctrine?

As an alternative to celebrating Halloween this coming Thursday, why not celebrate Reformation Day? Stephen Nichols, writing for Ligonier, answers the question, What Is Reformation Day? If you’re an evangelical, you need to understand this part of your Christian heritage.

As a result of taking his wife on a cruise, Tim Fererra of Discerning Dad comments about things that are More Precious than Gold as a beautiful reminder of where we need to keep our attention.

Elizabeth Prata writes a second essay that warrants mention. The train is still coming down the tracks makes me want to stand up and cheer! For those who complain that we spend far too much time and energy warning people against Beth Moore, this post should be mandatory reading!

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