Saturday Sampler: January 19 — January 25

Bows Sampler

Again we start this week’s Sampler with Biblical counsel from Michelle Lesley. In The Mailbag: Husbands, pastors, and mentors — Which roles do they play in a Christian woman’s life?, she walks us through Scripture in its context to show us proper application.

Did you prepare yourself for the upcoming sermon at your church? Writing for Gentle Reformation, Barry York asks How Do You Listen to a Sermon? He then teaches us how to prepare ourselves for the preaching of God’s Word each Sunday. Challenging stuff, admittedly, but well worth our attention.

Leslie A of Growing 4 Life wonders Should I Expect to Understand Everything?  See what her three-year-old grandson taught her about humility towards God.

You may face the dilemma that Elizabeth Prata describes in The End Time this week. My friend listens to false teachers and goes to events where there are false teachers explains how we can express our concerns, but also why people might not receive our warnings. If you have a friend who has opened herself up to deception, this essay may encourage you.

Who doesn’t need a second dose of Michelle Lesley? Throwback Thursday ~ Women Preaching: It’s Not a Secondary Doctrinal Issue carefully explains why we mustn’t compromise on Scripture’s prohibition against letting women take the pulpit. This post is essential reading!

For a fascinating perspective on so-called gay Christianity, see On favorite sounds, poisoned Kool-Aid, and comments from pew 11 by Pastor Tedd Mathis of teddmathisdotcom. I’d never made the connection he makes, but he’s absolutely right.

Job is challenging to read. Peter Krol, who maintains the Knowable Word blog, discusses The Complexity of Applying the Speeches of Job’s Friends to ourselves. I’ve struggled with those speeches for years, never quite sure what to do with them. So this article offers helpful guidance. Maybe you’ll also benefit from it.

R. Scott Clark writes Should Christians Expect to Hear a “Still Small Voice” from God? in a devotional for Beautiful Christian Life. He answers this question by walking us through the passage of Scripture that gives us that infamous phrase.

Responding to the escalating vitriol that has encompassed social media lately, Jason Carter issues A Plea for Meekness in his article for Reformation 21. Even if we weren’t in an election year, his words would be woefully necessary.

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